Friday, 14 November 2014

life flows on.

hey friends :)

so it's been a kind of hectic couple of weeks full of days where i have THE FULLEST of intention of posting.. and it just doesn't happen. seriously, it feels like forever and i am FEELING it. i tell you what, when i don't post i just don't feel like "myself". it's just the way it is. although i should probably rephrase that a little. in truth, it's when i don't WRITE that i don't feel like "myself".

actually, there are a lot of things that i normally do to help me feel like myself (outside of being a mom of course), that i have totally been neglecting lately.

a few weeks ago things felt like they were flowing nicely. even a couple of weeks ago i was truly feeling "on a roll" and did a ton of writing that is way WAY over due. it's interesting to me how i give so little credit to the process. until things are ready to be shared and actually OUT THERE, it's as if they don't get done at all. in truth what comes out here is truly the tip of the iceberg.

and in truth, a lot has been going on. too much to get into in one (would be quickie) post for sure.

the last few months have come with some good momentum... you know, the kind that often rushes in on the heels of chaos. when the momentum had seemed to stall over the last couple of weeks, i found myself slipping into a bit of a hole.

AND THEN, i realized it was largely a result of me NOT doing all of the things i have set out with this GIANT intention to help others learn to do to make THEIR lives a little (or even a lot) happier. the little bits of mommy time squeezed in here and there, the even ever so brief bursts of creativity outside of my daily duties, the creativity WITHIN my daily duties, the breathing, the learning, the teaching...

it just all seemed to stop. there was no room. no space. no time.

the main point here however, is that we ALL DO THIS. especially as mamas. days and weeks blow by and we are like "WHAT JUST HAPPENED?", "when was the last time i showered??", "did i eat lunch today??"..



SERIOUSLY though. WHAT JUST HAPPENED? when did i become a mom of two. where did those days go where i had hours and hours to myself but still couldn't find the time for all the things i "wanted to do"...

and WHY ON EARTH would i think it was acceptable to beat myself up over struggling to find the time now. the thing is if i don't make a point to stay up a little bit late to do some writing or take a time out from freaking out over dumb shit to just take a bazillion pictures of my kids instead, or to do five minutes of morning yoga while they eat breakfast, or sneak off for three of meditation or breathing while they are occupied by the tv, to create something random or work on the most slowly stocked etsy shop in all of history.. ;)

then i completely start to fall apart.

as not so much of a coincidence, i clearly also really missed the one yoga class a week i normally instruct on tuedsay evenings with remembrance/veterans day this past. only today as i was writing this, did i note how much teaching really fills me up and really REALLY makes me feel like my "self".

oh yes, and i just need to share how hilarious it is that i thought with this extra whole two hours that i wouldn't be teaching that maybe would maybe get some of the back log of posting i have out there but alas... guess what happened?


i often wonder if my posting frequency (or lack there of here) has any real impact other than the plummeting stats. despite the fact that i firmly believe anyone and everyone's story has the potential to inspire and make a difference, i have moments where i wonder how it "even matters??" if i post because, does anyone really care. is anyone REALLY out there wondering where i am and waiting for me to say something.

i mean to say it out loud sounds a little self indulgent to say the least.

the thing is, i realize over and over again that it really doesn't matter if they are or not. because these things i do that i shouldn't, that i couldn't possibly have the time for...

those are the things, that remind me that i am not just a mom, (even though i really really REALLY love being just that), those are the things, that make me feel like my "self" when the rest get's to be too much.

ya so, in case you missed it... ;), when i don't do them...

i start to feel stuck.

like all that stuff in that tree in that book that i've been reading foster every night recently..

huh. how about that.


now i think we can all agree. nothing feels worse than feeling stuck in a place where we don't feel comfortable in our skin.

icky. sticky. :( when we feel icky we tend to not be as nice as we would like to be to the people closest to us. our sore spots feel like they are being poked at. we poke back. times like these, they  happen and that's ok. those people love us. and they do the same by times. we talk it out with those people and they understand.

this is the reason that these people are those we hold closest. this is life. these are our relationships. this is what love is all about.

anyway, as it turns out, and as i had forgotten, this all tends to happen when kiddos are icky sicky (we've been too gross for the playdates that save our sanity the last couple of weeks), that mama really drops the ball on the whole "doing the stuff that makes her feel like her 'self'." bit. and it's around these times (and of course the beautiful blessing of a monthly visitor), that things start to go awry and the unravelling begins.

oh and did i mention that in true prairie styles we are suddenly into the deep freeze of winter? 

anyway, the thing is, to that unravelling, there is always an end. an opening. a flowing.

and things come out on the other side,

and beautiful and amazing things happen.

yes indeed.

life flows on.

one of those amazing things happening was my regular yoga class venue forgetting to book me for the next session's would be first class. i knew this was the perfect opportunity for something a little different. a step in a direction i knew i needed to go.

long story short, our first eight weeks post summer vacay had ended and when i check on the room rental as i got ready to roll into another session, what would have been the first week, wasn't available... and so the first karma class of "yoga with rebecca", was born as i sought out another space for the week. our first non profit outreach recipient, the school districts breakfast program. a practice and raffle or silent auction (yet to be decided). nothing big or fancy, just a little something that incidentally REALLY makes me feel like myself.

for this i am very VERY thankful :)

for it all. yes. very very VERY thankful.

and nonetheless also kind of tired.

i shall leave you with a little mantra o mine from these past few weeks as I say to my self... 

what's this mindful mommi movement biz all about? 

hmmm.. for another day ;) 

till then, 

nighty night time friends.



Friday, 31 October 2014

that kind of day // ode to the manic mama

it’s that kind of day. the one where you wake up and just don’t feel like doing the whole parenting thing. the kind where despite all the effort you can muster to be grateful and patient, you feel like a giant failure when you find yourself yelling before you are even out of bed. the kind of day where you wonder why on earth you would think you should be able to get anything done outside of your role as caretaker and cleaner. the kind of day where you were suppose to take in some kiddie hallowe’en festivities but your three year old greeted you in bed this morning with a stuffy nose and rattly cough. the kind of day where you try and turn that into a “well I needed to do some cleaning and hey, maybe even write a blog post since i haven’t posted anything in two weeks”, but everything feels so overwhelming you figure there is a better chance you are just going to weep in a corner and maybe then everyone will just leave you alone (but not likely). the kind of day where maybe you can at least muster some gratitude for a very likely needed home day, especially since the dog hair is out of hand and the dust bunnies greet you dancing as the sunrise filters through the kitchen. the kind of day where you start to vacuum and realize half way through that it isn’t really sucking but more like spreading the layer of dog hair around. 

it’s the kind of day where you decide “hey, at least it’s pretty nice outside so let’s get out there… “ only to find the wind is too strong and cold to take a walk and all the kids want to do is find what little mud there is to play in anyway. the kind of day where you scoop dog poop and try to keep your kids out of it but step in it yourself and only don’t track it though the house when you come in to grab something, because something made you check the bottom of your shoes first. the kind of day where the dog followed you around, glued to your hip while you picked the poop and this makes you irate because seriously, like you don’t have enough actually sh*t to clean up with a one and three year old that love fruit and the latter having ZERO interest in potty training no matter what you do. the kind of day where said (truly lovely and oh so sweet) dog then tracks mud through the house and onto the carpet you managed to make look slightly less disgusting with twice as much effort as it should have taken. 

it’s the kind of day where you know you should be able to choose whether to laugh or cry but really, all you want to do is cry. 

it’s the kind of day where  you know you are human. where you know that if you are this spent, it means you have been putting all of yourself into each and every day (even if it didn’t feel like it). it’s the kind of day where if you stop for a moment, you remember, you have been here before and it didn’t last forever. it’s the kind of day where you know that just taking the time to get it out will make everything better and then after that maybe you should ignore your kids (within reason) and take a few minutes to just breath. it’s the kind of day you are totally cool with the fact that your kids are both eating a box of cereal for lunch while you type because you just know there is nothing else that you can do in this moment but find a way to purge some of the frustration and angst that comes from this kind of day.

and then suddenly you realize, it’s a pretty good day.

you know what i mean?? ;)



Friday, 17 October 2014

getting our green on & the i/g balanced mama challenge.

hey friends. 

hope you're having a beautiful day. things have been quite so around here the last couple of days. the weather has been gorgeous (fall is so my fave for outside time...) and it's been great fun taking adventurous (everything is adventurous to us... lucky ducks we are!) strolls and playing in the leaves in the sunshine. even if it's a pretty parse scattering of em in our yard. luckily we had just the right giant rake for ultimate efficiency. 

let's just say we gotter dun.

more to the point of this post... we've been meaning to share our favourite green monster smoothie recipe for a while... having jumped into the "balanced mommy challenge" on instagram, it turns out one of the goals for the first week is getting some green goodness into ourselves via something yummy to sip. we had just the thing and are happy to note we have been doing pretty well on these lately. foster (usually) can get into one and with plenty of the greens he'd never eat otherwise, along with some super star healthy fat and protein, it really just makes mama feel like she is doing an pretty good job...

oh and in case you are interested in joining in or just looking for a little inspiration to be a healthier happier version of your amazing self... here's the line up :)

ok getting back to the smoothie... as far as downing one myself, i usually wait and see how it goes with round one as that may end up being mine depending on how it goes over that day..

hey it is truly delish however, there are no guarantees in this life. 

especially in this department.

anyways, here ya'll go :) oh and don't worry.. it's all summed up at the end!

to get started, toss in a handful of spinach.. this is stuff i just froze myself from the large batch i bought from the grocery store (as per an idea i stole from a friend (just throw what you want to freeze in a ziploc and into the freezer). btw i'm use the "single serving" blender cup from our ninja system here in case you are wondering...

we usually have frozen bananas on hand (i like to cut them up and freeze them on a baking sheet lined with parchment before putting them in a ziploc so they don't stick together), but this time round we were out of the frozen so in went a whole fresh...
topped with a heaping tablespoon of natural peanut butter and a tablespoon (or so) of hemp seeds. chia seeds are great as well... hello healthy fat (yay omega 3's!!) and protein. we keep both on hand at all times!
wylie had some pretty bad eczema that we have under relative control after seeking help from a naturopath. part of the regime was adding a probiotic to his diet so we are trying to keep that in the mix.
a cup or so of almond milk (or enough to pretty much cover the rest of the goodness) and  just a wee splash of agave or maple syrup to sweeten things up a pinch and we're good to go...
blend until smooth and then add 2-3 ice cubes and blend another 30-60 seconds or as required to get it as smooth a consistency as possible.

as mentioned, we're working with a single serving blender cup here which generally takes care of the two monkeys. if it all goes down without a fight, i usually whip up a second batch for mama with almond butter instead of peanut. 
and there you have it!

the "fun grown up cup" and straw is key in our house. we love this bamboo one we picked up at the grocery store. it's pretty decent in the spill proof department... once the lid is on of course!
mmm... yummers. let's see how this goes...
success!!! ha. well so far ;)
note, wylie has his own but it's just not the same around here without a straw...
now if we could just work out the whole how to drink with one bit.. oh and btw, this is sure makes mom feel better on those days when all foster wants to eat is rice cakes.
ok so in case you are more of a nice neat list kind of person... :)

a recap...

we'll call this our...

we sure love trying out new and yummy smoothie combos so we would be tickled pink if you'd like to share your fave with us in the comments!

till next time...

mama b keeping the peace.



Monday, 13 October 2014


it's sunday. thanksgiving sunday.

i sit here. staring at myself. set to record but can’t find the “right light” to approve myself for you all. to be seen and have you think what i think you should think about me.

but really it boils down to what don’t i like.

it’s still there. i look at myself and something is not good enough. 

my face. i look old. 

seriously with me I either feel one of two ways when i look at myself. 

either i seriously love it.

or i absolutely hate it. like enough that it would hold me back from delivering a message in the way of my story to share the amazing life changing and undoubtably world saving information that has come to me on this path.

STILL there. 

it’s something we all face in some capacity day to day. fearful of making mistakes. something about ourselves, our actions, even our intentions that just doesn’t sit right. there is some reason that someone will not like me or be upset with me. it holds me back. 

the journey is into the why… the what makes us us and how we came to be here.. then to begin to really listen. using the journey… riding the flow, back to the self.

as i mentioned in this post, "a journey through the selfie” is all about this. taking the time. looking deep. seeking truth and finding a way to be ok with it.

as i write this i can still see my reflection in the iMovie camera. i  use notes to write. i can see half my face and our wedding photo behind me. words, “love will save the day” hoovering above my head.

my skin looks vibrant. eyes shining with hope. my smile is friendly and i feel content. 

not ridiculously amazing. but content.

it is thanksgiving weekend. my youngest brother’s 30th birthday and we’ve just come home from a friend’s 3rd birthday party. the boys had the greatest time. this morning shenanigans from foster had made things look a little bleak but he was a different child than he has been the past couple of weeks. 

kids and balloons are truly the key to that guys heart. 

in truth i could not be more thankful on this happy turkey weekend (being able to say that about a day might make it my absolute favourite holiday), than i am right now.

yup. pretty darn thankful.

let me tell you a little bit more about why that is friends...

well to start with. posting video content here is always a big development to be thankful for around here.

yay me.



Saturday, 11 October 2014

mamas take miami

So as per my last post where I was looking forward to a girls' getaway to Canyon Ranch Miami, it's now been a week since my return to the beautiful reality that is my life. My Mom got along great with the boys and truthfully, upon my return, it didn't seem as though they had even missed me that much. I have to be perfectly honest. While I was definitely happy to get back to them, and of course thought and spoke of them frequently during our time apart, I wouldn't say I was exactly "missing" them all that much. 

I realize this statement will probably bring about a mix of shock and awe and possibly a smattering of applause. Personally, I am A-OK with how we all got along without each other. 

I dare say it is good indication, we all were in need of a break AND that we are a fairly well adjusted bunch.

My travels began with a 3 am departure for the two hour jaunt to the airport. I listened to Mindy Kaling's, "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without We?" (and other concerns), on audiobook (I love her, so funny... see page sidebar for link if you want to check it out!), sipping on lemon water and pounding fisherman's friend cough drops to keep myself from hacking my head off and jarring my already superbly kinked neck even more. Yup, I was off to the most anticipated weekend of my mommy life making my best attempt at shaking off the worst (possibly only) real cold I had really had in as long as I can remember. It had hit three or four days beforehand. I might have expected it when the kiddos came in under the weather however I've managed to dodge the last few rounds of ickysicky in my house, so perhaps took my super human mommy immunity for granted. I assumed (prayed) I would recover quickly and be back to my old self before heading out but alas...

not so much. 

Now I don't want to start off on a negative note. While my dreams of a lovely relaxing flight were a bit jaded by my inability to snooze without a coughing fit and my paranoia that everyone around me was cringing at the though of my potentially germy self anywhere near them, I have to tell you, it was pure bliss to cruise through security alone with my one sparsely packed carryon... to not worry about how fast the line moved through customs because I could hold it together even on zero hours of sleep, as well as to move about at my leisure. Really what did I think I would do on my flight besides try and catch some shut eye anyway considering the ungodly hour of my departure...

... and the fact that Foster was so sweet as to stay up from eleven until three am that morning just to say good bye to mom. 

so so very sweet.

YAY window seat! I have not had a window seat since having kids, let alone had the time to look out one! Can you see that little smidge of rainbow behind the wing of the plane? I could see the whole thing from above at one point but couldn't get the camera out fast enough. A neat reminder of how a different perspective can change everything...

Anyway, enough about the flight. Once I landed in Miami the excitement of it all kicked in. A hop into a cab and away we went, skipping like a stone over the little islands to Miami beach. A simple check in, up to my room to a delightful girlie squeal filled reunion with a couple of the bestest besties a girl had been missing for months and months, and a wine and cheese spread.

Just like the good old times ;)

We had made it. We were here. Sunshine and uninterrupted conversation.... oh my heavens...

dreamy. simply dreamy.

Now Canyon Ranch is knows for it's wellness programming. Having scoured the schedule before hand I had planned at least 3-4 classes or seminars a day. I had envisioned treating it as kind of a convention (anyone who has ever been to a fitness/wellness convention knows they are tremendously inspirational, but not particularly relaxing).  Here I would practice yoga with new teachers, learn new types of workouts, and how to feng shui my home all the while making oodles of mental notes to bring back to my daily life.

You know, all the stuff people normally do on vacation ;)

What was in fact a little crazy (and could have potentially been pretty disheartening) was the fact that the mama who's day we were there to celebrate, ALSO was getting over a nasty icky sickyness and in fact, we had the exact same gorgeous hacking cough. 

Like seriously identical. As in at the end of the one yoga class we actually did go to, the teacher was like, "oh you guys are together.. I was wondering... you both have the same 'little' cough.." 

Yup, no actually we are "together" but live on opposite sides of the country pretty much and are here without our toddlers (3 and 4) and one year olds. We on the heels of totally different illness but with the EXACT SAME HORRIFIC HACK...

I told you we were bestest besties :)

Anyway, in all truth, as the time rolled on and most of it was spent ACTUALLY relaxing in the SUNSHINE but the pool and OF COURSE on the sandy beach with it's bathtub like temp water, I started to be kind of grateful for the itty bit of icky sicky that was slowing us down. In all seriousness,  feeling great or not, we were in need of some serious tlc and after a morning of two classes that completely kicked my out of shape butt, I was over it. 

Mental note.. the next time I go to Canyon Ranch (yes, I would go back for sure), maybe I'll have actually been exercising to at least a moderate degree for more than ten minutes at at time before attempting back to back classes, with a cold nonetheless. 

mhmm... hindsight. It's what life is all about.

Anyways, yes, pool, beach, a little shopping and a lot of lovely drawn out meals with beautiful, inspiring (and did I mention uninterrupted?) conversation, and of course one late party night out (we were there to celebrate after all!)... 

It was perfect. 

Don't believe me? 

See for yourself ;)

Friday night festivities at Baoli (on recommendation from a lovely gal we met at one of the shops). Seriously the absolute best sushi any of us have ever had... in particular the kobe beef and lobster rolls... yes, you heard me right and yes, quite possibly the tastiest morsel of food I have EVER eaten.
While the food was awesome, the atmosphere wasn't quite what we were after and we moved on to an outdoor venue for some dancing. Wish I could tell you where but by that point we weren't taking notes on where the night had taken us. Safe to say we had a pretty good night ;)
Now anytime I go anywhere I am always looking for fun things to snap pics of. I'm not sure I could say I have a favourite thing to take pictures of... nature in general (if my kids aren't around!) is pretty much my bag. I might note as well that my photography obsession actually began in my mother's flower garden at my parent's home in pei years ago, so to find myself wandering through this gorgeous little courtyard that belonged to the resort, on my way from the pool to the bathroom one day, was pretty awesome.

I was alone at the time so a few selfies with the timer seemed appropriate ;)

I meant to drag the girls back for a little sesh but we never got that far.

I mean come on, so so pretty right?

Our last night we decided to head to a mall to do a last little bit of shopping and catch a flick. We saw "Gone Girl" and it was AMAZING. It's been forever since I've been to a movie... actually it's been forever since I sat through a movie at all. This one definitely kept me in my seat. Highly recommend.

As the four days came to an end I started to get a little anxious to get home. To see my boys (all of em;)) and parents (by this time my Dad had also arrived for a few days)... and as well, to see what kind of impact this time would have on my day to day. I've been on the verge of some major... hmmm, well, I guess you might call them breakthrough's for lack of a better word coming to mind. 

If you've been following here, you've probably heard me mention on several occasions that I kind of loading my proverbial plate with somewhat unreasonable helpings in the to do department. I can't explain it any better than that feeling of having so much you want to share and give and only so much time to do it. Last night my hubby mentioned that, in the days leading up to my "escape" I hadn't exactly been little mary sunshine. In my defense (not that I really feel I need one... we both know this just happens when I am feeling overwhelmed), I had been feeling like shit and the with the kids sick too it was pretty rough. I was definitely ready to get away and totally feeling like I couldn't wait to throw in the towel. In truth I was incredibly grateful how the trip had timed out.


I realize that all that stuff inside me that needs to come out... it will all in time. That when I feel overwhelmed and frustrated that things aren't happening faster, all I need to do is stop and be grateful for what is RIGHT NOW. I also realize that it is not lame or unimportant but REAL and TRUE and above all, it is the ME that I always have been and always will be. The dream that is my life is always on and ever changing... unfolding and revealing bits that I had no idea were even there. It's a beautiful and magical process and all I need to do is trust myself and stick to my intention each and everyday, be kind to myself when I drift and treat the people that love and support me like the superheros that they are in my life.

I gave this journal to my bestie as part of her bday gift. When I happened upon it in a rack of other similar but with different quotes on the cover, I didn't even need to think about which one felt most appropriate. It was one of those things that you give to someone you love with the only the deepest and most genuine of intentions attached. 
As I've mentioned, it's been a week since my homecoming. We had a great few days with my parents who have moved on to visit my sisters in BC. Everyone's health is returning to normal and I'm back to my day to day but there have been some interesting developments for sure however I'll save them for a later post.

I will say that the words on that journal cover might just be exactly what I in fact, exactly needed to hear, to say over and over, to have close in case I need something to lean on... 

you know, just like the bestest bestie that is always there, no matter where in the world they may be.

Say it with me now...


Namaste friends.


Sunday, 28 September 2014

on a mindful monday // big time mommi time.

hey friends. 

hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

ours was a bit of an adventure as the wee boys and i scooted off to the airport on saturday to pick up my mom. we feel so blessed to always be crazy excited to have grandparents visit. as i've mentioned all of ours are on the east coast so visits are a pretty big deal. 

they also seem to come when we need them the most. 

this particular visit was actually somewhat planned around some other tremendously exciting events. on wednesday this mommi will drive back to the airport (alone) with her bags (yes, just hers), wait for her flight with a warm beverage and reading material (or maybe just relax and people watch), and board her flight to miami where she will meet a couple of her besties whom she hasn't seen in forever, at Canyon Ranch for four nights, in celebration of a very special someone's, very special bday...

bring on the all the yoga i can cram into three days, a mirage of other wellness related "stuff that i love" and of course, 


yup. it's true! 

i only wish i could bring all the deserving mommies out there with us!

needless to say, i am pretty excited despite the fact i seem to have failed to dodge the cold my kiddos have been brewing the last couple of days. of course there is some anxiety despite the fact that my mom is more than capable (she had five after all) and that hubby will be home in the evenings. no matter how well you know they will be taken care of i think this is pretty normal to anticipate some separation anxiety. i mean i am clearly looking forward to such an amazing and NEEDED break, but i am pretty sure there might be some tears (and not little boy tears) when i drive away. somewhat thankfully i have an early enough flight that i won't see them that morning. 

*sob*.. wait a minute! i won't see them the morning i leave???!!!!!

oh my heavens, this might be harder than i thought ;)

i'd best get all the snotty snuggles i can in the next couple of days.
thank goodness for my essential oil addiction.. at least the recent addition of do'terra breathe to the collection is, well... letting us breathe! 

as much as i am looking forward to this trip (understatement much??), i am also looking forward to coming back through that door to those gorgeous faces (yes hubby you too of course!!), PLUS by then my dad will have arrived for a few days. i am also EXTREMELY grateful for the opportunity to do this at all. i realize this is not something many moms with little ones have the chance to do. i also realize that part of being a good mom is making a point to take time out. maybe not four whole days time out... that's not particularly realistic for most of us, but even just a few minutes here and there. 

a few hours, even better.

a whole day. dreamy. 

four days. i still can't believe it is about to happen.

on a making mommi time note, i have been getting a lot of yoga and meditation related questions (in particular from moms of course!) AND I PROMISE that i will be getting to those very soon. posts and video are in the works. it's just a bit of a process. 

i know i know... what do i do with my time anyways?? ;)

oh right... SO MUCH THINKING! 

and thats before we even get to the DOING! imagine :)

to all the mommies out there.. please please PLEASE be sure to give yourself the credit you deserve. 

oh and perhaps check out this video from Erin Motz's... "yoga for when you are about to freak out". speaking of giving props where they are due... i just plain love this girl and goodness knows i could use this in my back pocket on those extra challenging days!

thanks Erin! you BAD YOGI you ;)

till next time.

all the mommi luv in the world to you and yours.



Saturday, 27 September 2014

fun fashion friday reinvented // yay booties!

ok i was just tossing around the idea on instagram of changing up the friday post theme ever so slightly (you know... such a big decision! haha).


i also realize that if i actually want the post to go up on friday, i'd best start getting started on it a little earlier in the week. if you're a stay at home mom you can see how this can be a bit confusing seeing as it's pretty easy to lose track of what day it is as the weeks blow by.

fall is in the air these days and the weather has been so beautiful. no complaints here when the temp is around 20 celcius in the backyard at the end of September. tomorrow morning my mom arrives from the east coast, and four sleeps from then i'll be hitting up a couple of my east coast/ big city besties for some big birthday celebrations at Canyon Ranch Miami.

PUUUURRRRDY exciting!!

in the meantime we've been doing our best to get some much needed socializing in. well, the kids get to socialize. mostly us moms, well we just rangle, mediate and laugh at how all we REALLY need out of our visits is the reassurance we are not alone in the crazy town that is motherhood.

although more wine drinking time would definitely help.

it's no secret around here that finding time for everything that needs to "get done" can be challenging.
there's a pretty clear theme  - honour the process - trust your gut - figure out what makes your soul sing..

and get that tune on repeat.


so this might sound a little random for a triple F post (haha, too much??) last night i listed to this "Attraction Meditation" from Natural Hypnosis. I have never really officially been hypnotized though really i would just describe the thirty minutes as a vey deep relaxing and clearly guided meditation however i have to say it felt different than any meditation i've experienced.

i also have to say, i really encourage you to check it out for yourself.

the track had made it into my inbox through a sea of subscribed email that i never ever get through. i have tried to clean it up many a time only stumble upon more and more life changing information i needed access to immediately. at any rate some pretty awesome stuff has come along that really has been game changing for me, and i have set a solid intention to get to sharing much more of that here, so please do stay tuned.

for now a little briefing on this hypnosis. this is all about connecting you to your purpose and helping you to share your gifts with the world in a way that is inherently YOU. it's about allowing all that is meant to flow through you to do so freely so that you are able to realize all that stuff you daydream about.

in a nutshell, this hypnosis was basically suppose to help the listener MAKE THAT SHIT HAPPEN.

i've mentioned i've realized lately how much i (we all) could benefit from to be getting a morning practice and meditation in before role as mommy begins for the day. nonetheless,  it's been a serious struggle. like as in never ever happens. i wake up to the alarm and hit snooze. i just do. i can't help it... in that moment, i just feel so tired and all i want is that few minutes more. eventually i have done this enough times that any chance of getting out of bed before blondie bounds across the house to insist it's time to get going.. only after crawling into his little bros crib to let him know the sun it up so it must mean it's time to rise!

this morning exactly one minute before my alarm was to go off, my eyes sprung open. i felt totally refreshed. seriously i have not felt like that waking up in months.. probably years.

i did not beat foster however. he was already up and in wylie's crib. it's was not even seven and my first thought is that he's going to be tired if the playdate we have planned for around ten pans out. i choose to sit alone in mediation for a few minutes, right in my bed.. a bit of breathing and a little stretch...

and i'm feeling super and ready to face the day.

ha. and wouldn't you know it. wylie goes back to sleep for two hours and times everything out perfectly for our little playdate.

.. where we do all of that stuff i mentioned above and wish we had the chaos on video to show our husbands :)

after the fun we came home, wylie napped, foster chilled, and i had myself a fun hour or so of shooting this post.

let me just say, these posts are not just about clothes and shoes. they are not just about how fun it is to play around with personal style, really enjoy the process, the art, of self expression and putting it all together in it's "natural environment" to create a photography that tells a story. these posts are a journey for me. "a journey through the selfie" as my heart likes to call it ;) this journey is one that could fill a book, or at least easily a few chapters

... and may very well one day.

since today is pretty close to over (actually it officially is..) and i have a big day tomorrow i'm going to leave that at that for now.

anyways in the land of b things are really coming together in the most magical way... all in all it's far too much to get into in this, what was suppose to be a quickie post. i am pretty comfortable today with the taking it as it comes because that is when things seem to really start to happen.

just like this life itself, it shall undoubtably unfold here...

all in good time.

anyhoo, if your still with me! let's get to it. here they be, the stars of this week's (first ever) fab find friday post and yet another thing to love about fall.

like em? i am in love. i don't by a ton of shoes anymore and am very selective about what i choose to invest in. after a reasonable online search with some very specific criteria. i found exactly what i was after... the lucky torrance bootie!
i started to my closet to style these and then decided what i was wearing was a pretty solid representation of my personal "style" these days. these jeans were purchased over five years ago and worn to pieces in particular after two pregnancies and a bleach tie dye job. they ended up morphing from a skinny fit (my first pair of skinnies ever by yoga jeans!) into more of a boyfriend cut which i always thought i couldn't wear... just like i did with skinnies ;) today i noticed at our playdate that the already patched up crotch was hanging by a thread in more than one place. i'm pretty sure i'm going to try at least one more patch job round. they really are the comfiest ever. 

then i got it in my head i needed a summer meets fall look in the way of my favourite romper and new cozy knit (both winners snags). the necklace is a studio santosha design (much more on that front coming soon!)
so is this pretty personalized arm candy that just happens to match this oh so me birdy scarf..
... and finally my little feather drop earrings that just happens to match the most recent addition to my plaid collection (yup, the country sure has seeped into my blood. i can't get enough western inspired footwear or button ups!

what was a little crazy today was how easily and joyfully this whole process happened. honestly, just so much fun from start to finish AND happened in one day.


so that all said, i highly recommend checking out this link to give this thing a whirl... 

even if it only works for a day "Natural Hypnosis', Attraction Accelerator" get's two thumbs up from this mommi ;)

oh and no, despite the multiple links here i am really just that excited about it.. no kickbacks happening here. expect full disclosure if that is ever the case, and know i will NEVER EVER EVER endorsed anything paid or not that i have not tried and enjoyed myself.

ok that is really all for now. bedtime big time.

hmmm... i wonder what tomorrow will bring ;)

as always,

thanks for being friends.

hope you've had a wonderful week.