Tuesday, 19 May 2015

To begin, begin / Words of wisdom on forming positive habits.

Hiya folks :) First off, I would apologize for my blogging hiatus buuuuuuut truly it's been suuuuuuuper duper busy with all kinds of fun new endeavours and adventures around here, including a long weekend away to VEGAS sans kiddos (because really, who takes their kids to Vegas??), with my hubby this past weekend. I won't get into the details, because you know, what happens in Vegas... haha. I will say that I am pretty proud of how we did considering we are waaaaaay out of practice in the partying department yet we somehow seemed to hold our own with the Vegas crowd pretty well.

Then again, there is something about actually having the freedom to sleep until noon that makes things a whole lot more manageable in that department. Nonetheless, I can't imagine we could have handled a fifth night and were missing the boys pretty badly by the time we rolled in mid Monday afternoon. Our Thursday morning departure had been seamless. The boys happy to be informed that Mom and Dad would be back in a few days and they could have fun with our angel and "honorary our west" grammy, "Neese", and didn't bat an eye or shed a tear when we hugged and kissed our goodbyes and headed on our way... drifting into a parallel universe where we actually let loose a little, took time to enjoy each other's company, and even had real actual CONVERSATION.


As I unpacked last night, I found myself rearranging my recently "encapsulated" closet (read more about creating your own capsule wardrobe here), making room to prettify some of the open shelves with photos and treasures. This process of clearing out and making space has me smitten. Seriously, I have always loved cleaning out a closet but this process has been exceptionally freeing. No doubt due to all of the new and exciting opportunities that have been coming my way, including, some fun new developments with the etsy shop, amazing personal breakthroughs and insights from the Abundant Yogi, "Lifestyle Design Coaching" course and overall rush of peace and positivity that seems to be permeating life in general.

Something else that has been coming my way as of late, seems to be the exact information I need at any given moment. On the subject of my writing hiatus here, blogging is something that I struggle to make room for in my days. For some reason it always comes last, and the thought of doing it often causes me a strange anxiety by times despite the fact that it always feels great to share in this way, once it is underway/finished of course. I lamented this to my always wise mama friend over coffee this morning as I told her about a book I started reading on the trip. Gretchen Rubin's, "Better than Before", which explores the struggle we all have to make and maintain positive habits. In the book she references blogging as something she personally made a point to make a habit of.  It struck me how this was something I really wanted to make a habit yet how truly FLIPPING DIFFICULT, even impossible by times, it seemed. I asked my wise dear friend why she thought that might be...

"it's because when you start to write you go down the rabbit hole... you begin with a topic and then as you write more and more ideas come through, each possibly worthy of their own post. you get overwhelmed and it makes it difficult to finish things..."

She continued on to give me some brilliant advice on how to use just a few minutes of free writing to help me stay on track to be shared possibly at a later date since getting into that right now has tumble into wonderland potential written all over it.

No pun intended ;)

Let me just pause here to also acknowledge how such conversations are also impeccably timed and how this friend truly always does have the answer I need...

Kind of like how the timing on finding a note book in my closet last night containing some pretty pertinent quotes I had started listing ages ago on this very subject, and thus that became the inspiration/purpose of this post so before I slip down that proverbial bunny hole, is to share them with you here ;)

All images are created with a super simple app called instaquote... just in case you were wondering :)

Any of those ringing true for you??

What habits would you like to bring into your life that feel out of reach??

Till next time.



Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Spring Slow Down.

Hello friends.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

So spring is in the air around here lately. I always find this season brings such a rush of motivation it can be a little overwhelming sometimes. In particular with being back to some "official" study and trying to cram way too much into my "days off" from the boys, I found myself in a bit of a super duper stressed out state a week or so ago. I knew exactly what was happening but by the time I realized it, I was deep in the throws of that panicked barely breathing state of crazy town. Luckily hubby is always good to help call me out on it when this happens which at least makes me feel like someone is there to help me climb out of my hole. Anyway, I have also come to realize that when I find myself in this place, it also usually means something super duper awesome is around the corner.

There is always something clearly lacking when this happens, and that is SPACE. It has occurred to me during these times in my life, how something as simple as staring at the sky, taking a walk in nature or simply sitting in stillness can bring so much of exactly what I/we need. While these things tend to differ for each of us in some way, it's pretty much always a no brainer to either get outside, focus on your breath, or figure out what in general makes you feel light and free, and do whatever it takes to carve out some time to do that. The key here is to be sure that you aren't consumed with the thoughts of all you have to do during that time and to make a point to truly SLOW DOWN, or better completely STOP. Like seriously, totally hit pause and just DO IT... or rather NOT DO.

Tricky tricky right??

Yesterday I had made the decision that it was going to be all about having a super fun day with the boys. The weather was perfection so we headed to town to the paved trails through the park so Foster could rock out his new spiderman bike. Wylie was happy to take it all in from his stroller while Jessy sniffed about. We followed our adventures up back at home, with a christening of a bubble machine I picked up over the weekend.

Somehow with a whole lot of sun blind shooting of picture and video, this little montage of our day came together. Adding onto our video diary concept we think we'll call this one "The Wonder(ful) Years."  Today's video is the first of this series simple called "bikes and bubbles", and serves as a little but much needed reminder to take er down a notch and be aware and appreciative of the little wonders in life. In particular our kiddos can do a fantastic job as our teachers here.

Let us be the student.

We sure hope you enjoy!

Blessing beautiful friends,

b & the boys.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Baby steps and buddying up with Downward Dog.

While I wish I could say that I did full yoga practice every day, alas, mommy life (at least in my world) does not lend itself well to as devote a practice as I would like. Nonetheless, as I have mentioned before, I do manage at least a tidbit here and there, sometimes with the assistance of the littles and sometimes tucked away on my own. It’s long been a dream of mine to be sharing that practice here on the blog yet alas (again..), there has been that ever nagging “Self Saboteur”, as I’ve learned to call it through Abundant Yogi’s, Lifestyle Design Coaching Program and the work of Susan Anderson, in “Taming Your Outer Child”, that has been holding me back. As I’ve mentioned I do teach yoga, however only manage one class a week at this time. Having chosen to do the stay at home mom thing for the most part, I always figured my calling was to share my study and practice of yoga (both the physical and the practically applied philosophical bits) right here. After all there was a deeply rooted reasoning I called this blog yogi mommi in the first place..

you know, just in case you were wondering ;)

As I’ve also mentioned, I had fairly recently come to enlist some (amazing) child care for myself a couple of days a week in hopes of making some of my dreams a reality in creating my dreams of becoming a mompreneur. Always, plotting and searching for a way to weave it (relatively) seamlessly into my mommy life. In my head it seemed “simple”. On paper, it looked (sort of) clear. Yet as applied in real life, meh, not so much. My struggles with it all as I may have mentioned ;) has been the bones of this blogging effort so far. It’s actually pretty amazing to look back over some of my posts and see how in my own way I was in fact “putting it to paper” as so much of my this new program I have kind of “fallen” into, suggests is so important. While I realize I have so much more work to do.. (like forever and ever…), I also realized I have been doing the work all along in my own way. The idea that I’ve taken the leap to find a way to gain some real clarity and actually get “unstuck” is pretty flipping exciting. 

Today I am off from my kids and spent the morning working on my course, listening to material, doing the associated exercises, and planning on dialing in for a live class at noon. When I realized that somehow I had not received the email with the dial in number I suddenly felt a bit panicked and lost even though I knew I would have access to the call afterwards. I realized it wasn’t missing the call that was causing my angst. It was the idea that I now had to come up with something else to do if I wanted this precious alone time to remain in productivity mode. I also realized that it was fairly likely that time should be spent putting together a blog post and one that addressed some of the fears surrounding that which this very morning, I had noted as clearly what I needed to do to make this thing happen. 

I can’t tell you how many times I have made a video, how many posts I have started and never finished. How many photo stories I edited and never posted. For some reason (and not just for lack of time), follow through on things has never felt like a strength, and with good reason. I’m not sure that anyone can say they operate at their best when they are feeling overwhelmed and at the root of it all, plain old afraid. The thing is I’m pretty darn sure that most of us don’t even realize how often we are operating from a place of fear. Over after these last few years of practicing mindfulness and learning to be in my body, taking time to observe the chatter of my mind, and finally (mainly as of late) learning to rest with uncomfortable feelings long enough to realize them for what they really are, have I become aware of the sensations that arise in association with the fear that accompanies thoughts of writing and posting here. It’s never been an easy process but I kept doing it anyway because something in me insists I need too. Of course once I make my way to the computer and start writing, quite often the words will just flow and when I finish and actually post something it feels so amazing, so right and true, that I know I did the right thing.. 

.. and yet, there is still the part of me that knows the same thing will happen again. The difference is, now I know why. Now I’m not scared of feeling scared. I’ve learned it’s those feeling of being afraid that we are afraid of. Fear is not real, it’s completely made up in our minds. We become trapped in that fear because we resist the sensations that arise when it does. If we can find a way to first become aware of the sensations (i.e. tightening the chest, a pit in our stomach, a lump in our throat, feeling suffocated or frozen, unable to move), and just then let that sensation be, placing our attention on it and giving it a right to live through us, then we can begin to feel truly free.

Ok, since I don’t actually have all day, getting back to the here and now, and how I ended up sitting down to post in the first place today. After taking stock in those feelings and letting them be, I had decided to make a move and to keep it simple. 

Yesterday I took a small big of video of my outdoor yoga practice with the intention once again of posting a snippet for some of my students and of course anyone else who was interested. Lately, in an effort to make things feel less scary I suppose, I had decided to focus my energy those people I knew would be interested in my help in this area. Sometims, it still perplexes me how I could not be afraid to get up in front of a group and teach, yet find teaching to a camera scary. Of course it comes back to the fact it’s something I would need to watch and inevitable critique.  Anyway, of course, I forgot to press record, (not the first time, nor intentionally). When I realized this, my yoga time “was up” so instinctively decided this “wasn’t the time” and started to move on to my next task.. 

.. but then something told me I wasn’t quiet finished and so I pressed record and got back on my mat, but this time with no preconceived notion it was to be shared. This time it was just for me. When I went back to the video footage today, I didn’t feel compelled to share the whole thing or spend a ton of time editing to try and make it into something “artful”. Instead a little voice reminded me of some of the pointers I’ve been gather from my course work, that even the tiniest steps in the direction we want to go, the smallest ways we can embrace and challenge ourselves to set our fears aside, will make all the difference in the world in eventually releasing them once and for all. My intention was actually to simply choose s snippet and simple post it on instagram. Easy peasy. A little baby step. I could do that. It would feel good, mainly because I had invited my fear in and used it as fuel. It didn’t matter how far it got me. All that mattered was that there was momentum.

Then suddenly I found myself writing this post..


haha.. just like magic.

Anyway, to get on with the yoga part of this for now, I choose a teeny clip of my favourite self adjustments in downward dog  to share. Just a few little pointers that can make all the difference in how we feel about the pose.

you know, kind of like in life ;)

So here you go.. 


oh and btw, there is voice recording link just below the video snippet. Who knows, maybe next time I'll actually manage to put the two together! haha.. baby steps! 


Hope to catch back up with you here again soon.

Have a super duper fantabulous day friends.



Friday, 10 April 2015

a mommy and mini yoga break & hello spring!

happy friday folks! hope you've had a good couple of weeks. we've been pretty busy around here hence our mini blogging hiatus. gosh you know, we had been doing pretty good there for a while! ;) 

as i mentioned in this recent post, there's been a lot on the go and even since then, some new fun and exciting developments on the personal and blogging development front, that i'm dying to fill you in on. for now i am trying to get this posted while the kiddos eat breakfast. f & i just wanted to share a little backyard yoga play video we made on the gloriously beautiful day that was our thursday this week. it has been ages since we've made one of these, and i'm thinking that if we can make them a regular thing, it will be awesome to keep them for ourselves (and anyone who wants to watch of course), as a little video diary of our mommi and mini(s) practice. w was napping for this one so he kind of missed out, however it is sure nice to get some one on one time with f. he keeps things pretty light and playful that's for sure. 

as for the promise i have made to some of my students for a some actual instructional video, i really really am working on finding the quiet time to do that, although it has occurred to me that maybe it's totally ok to put those out there, craziness, chaos and all, so hopefully this weekend we will finally make that happen!

thanks again to everyone who has been keeping up with us here on the blog as well as coming to that one class a week i get the opportunity to teach. i am so incredibly grateful for your inspiration and support. i'm am seriously one lucky mama :) 

anyway, hope everyone is gearing up for a great weekend! we'll leave you with our shenanigans for now. 



Friday, 27 March 2015

Guest post // Are you living in hormonal harmony?

Hey friends! I just want to thank my friend and holistic nutritionist, Christa Cheverie for writing this wonderful post to help shed some light (and hope!) on the mystery of HORMONES, in particular with regards to weight loss! I'm loving this post for all kinds of reasons, including the fact that it something so many of us struggle with at certain points in our lives. No matter where you are in your life, there is a good chance there is some info here that can help you live a more harmonious existence...

So without further adieu :)

Are You Living In Hormonal Harmony?

Does a day go by that we don’t hear or read something about hormones?

Can’t sleep?  That’s your hormones. 
Weight increasing?  ‘Do you think it’s your hormones?’ 
Can’t poop?  Uh huh…hormones.  
PMS?  Oh yes, that is definitely your hormones!

As women, our lives are riddled with hormonal fluctuations whether it is our monthly visitor, pregnancy, or ‘the change’.  We will all experience hormonal changes through out our lives.  

Our hormones even fluctuate on a daily basis.  Have you ever had a craving so bad it was like an out of body experience?  Your mind screams, ‘NO!  Don’t do it!  Don’t go in there!’  But your body says, ‘Screw you lady’ and walks into the convenience store anyway, buys the peanut butter cups, and devours them….please don’t tell me I’m alone!

So, what exactly are hormones, anyway? 

Hormones are simply chemical messengers that regulate key functions in the body.  They are produced by the endocrine system and they regulate everything from growth and metabolism to mood and personality to our resistance of disease.

If you want ice cream, fall asleep early, or just need to dance, that’s your hormones. If you feel happy, sad, hungry, or randy?  That’s your hormones too!

Anything you feel, desire, or do originates with hormones.

There is an orchestra playing in your body 

Imagine, for a moment, an orchestra.  All of the instruments are playing together in harmony and it sounds beautiful.   Then one of the strings breaks on a cello.  At first, everything sounds ok, but pretty quickly all of the other instruments are also pulled out of tune.

The same is true for your hormones.  They work so closely with one another that if one is pulled out of balance, it doesn’t take long for the rest of them to follow.

The short answer: EVERYTHING!   

It is your hormones that tell your brain when you are hungry and when you are full.  They tell your body what to do with the food you are taking in.  Should it be burned as fuel or stored as fat?  They also tell your body where to store the fat.  Does it go in a ring around your abdomen or straight to your hips? (Read more about abdominal fat at christacheverie.com). When we exercise, it is hormones that tell us how the energy should be spent.

Hormones control all aspects of how we gain and lose weight

First, we have the thyroid, a gland found in the neck, which uses two key hormones to control our body’s metabolic rate.

Then we have The Big Four.

Insulin (AKA the fat storage hormone) takes glucose or sugar out of the bloodstream and to the working muscles and brain for fuel.  Once the muscles and brain are full, insulin signals the body to store the rest as fat.

Cortisol (aka the stress hormone) is released in response to perceived physical or emotional stress.  When we have a long-standing stressor in our lives such as a bad relationship, caring for a sick loved one, or a bad work environment, the hormone stays in our blood stream.  This reduces thyroid function (read metabolism), causes blood sugar imbalances, and signals fat to be stored, right around your middle…how rude!

Ghrelin is a hormone released by the stomach lining before meals to stimulate hunger and is suppose to shut off after meals.

Leptin controls feelings of hunger and being full.  If your body becomes leptin resistant, you don’t feel full and keep eating.  As you can imagine, this is a serious problem for weight loss!

It basically looks like this….

If our hormones are out of whack, we become insulin resistant which is going to store our energy as fat, cortisol will reduce our metabolism and make sure that stored fat hits our mid sections, ghrelin keeps telling us that we are hungry, and leptin resistance will make it impossible for us to feel full.

Hormonal Harmony

Sounds pretty daunting right?  Let’s talk about how to get your orchestra back in balance.

How To Balance Your Hormones

Eat breakfast within 30-60 mins of waking up – keeps your blood sugar balanced and reduces cravings through out the day.

Always have a high protein (20g+) breakfast – reduces the hunger stimulating hormone ghrelin and studies show that has an affect on how much you eat later in the day.

Consume good quality fats such as avocado, nuts and seeds, ghee, organic butter, coconut oil, and eggs.  Reduce highly processed, inflammatory, vegetable oils like canola, vegetable, soy, peanut, and margarine.

Have between 30-60g of fiber per day.  Fiber enhances blood sugar control and  promotes regularity allowing the body to excrete extra estrogen and toxins

Remove processed carbs such as baked goods, breads, crackers, packaged goods, chips etc to keep your blood sugar balanced

Exercise lightly.  Intense extended cardio exercise (more than 40 mins) creates stress in your body and signals the release of cortisol which is going to store fat...ON YOUR BELLY!

Do deep belly breathing to reduce stress – In through your nose and all the way down to your belly for a count of 4, hold for 1, and then out for a count of 6.

Follow these tips and your orchestra will sound beautiful again in no time!

By Christa Cheverie CNP


Monday, 16 March 2015

a taste spring cleaning & puddle play

hiya friends :) hope this finds everyone well. wowzers things have been moving and shaking around here lately. shock of shocks, my intention to be posting at least a couple of times a week in 2015 has not quite come to pass just yet but hey, we can't do it all right? one thing is for sure, despite the snow we got last night (as soon as it had pretty much all disappeared.. sorry east coast friends! i know you are buried so we can't complain!), it had really been feeling a lot like spring around here the last week or so. that meant more outside time with the boys, a whole lot of puddle play...and a whole lot of muddy bellyflops. regardless there is something about the feeling of spring around the corner that has had me purging closets and cleaning windows...

seriously though. isn't it funny when you catch yourself getting excited over those things and you are simply amazed at how grown up/lame you've become.. ;) 

anyway, i really wanted to sit down and fill you in on what has been going on around here lately with me and all the amazingness that i have been blessed with. i tend to get on here and end up writing about my trials and tribulations as a mama which is extremely cathartic and a wonderful way for me to document some of these amazing times with the littles, however, a large part of my goal here has always been to get more specific with happenings that just might help other people implement more self care into their own lives so to speak. in truth, and as i'm sure i've mentioned ;), that is actually what motivated me to every start blogging in the first place. the thing is that deep down, and like so many others, i am shy and insecure in many ways. in particular with how i worry about others receiving said information and what they will think about me in general. it's the age old story so many of us carry around and often aren't even aware of as it plays over and over in our minds since it has become such a part of us. these are all of the excuses why we can't do something, that we aren't good or enough or reasons why people won't like us or the ways we might make them uncomfortable. all of the doubts and insecurities that hold us back and leave us with that feeling that there is more to be had but we don't really deserve because "why us??". 

for me it's been working on a large blockage in never wanting to come across like i had all the answers, that i thought i was better than anyone else or even that i might have or be something that others may be envious of. in fact has been a fear is deeply rooted in me from my early school years of being bullied for being very shy and quiet, of a different religious background than my peers, coming from what was considered a well off family, and just being an all around outsider. the idea that people would not potentially like me for any or all of these reasons (and then some), has been something i have struggled to shake for years, only to learn that the only way to shake them is to face them head on. this can take some time. years of conditioning don't disappear overnight. even when your reason for working on yourself in this department is fuelled by something that really has nothing to do with yourself.

my desire to help people on a much larger scale than i have been able to thus far has also been with me for quite some time. the disconnect has been frustrating and disheartening at the worst of times, and something i felt i could confidently conquer at the often fleeting best of times. for what feels like forever, i've lived life on the extremes of these feelings and of course, everywhere in between. life has granted me the opportunities to open up and focus on what i really want to achieve in this life. little by little what i need to succeed has been floating my way and finally i have started to reach out and accept some of the help instead of insisting to myself that i needed to go it alone or that i didn't really deserve it. at the end of the day we all have something to share that can potentially have a massively positive impact. staying small to make others more comfortable is not fair to anyone. while we can know this all too well, it doesn't mean the stuff that holds us back will just disappear.

i've learned it takes work.. sometimes A LOT of it...

and as i mentioned, it's also pertinent to ask for and accept help.

probably the biggest thing that has happened as of late was a decision to finally enlist some consistent help with my kiddos. as i've mentioned here countless times, i've got all kinds of stuff (probably definitely too much) that i've been trying to get sorted out with regards to creating a heart centred, wellness coaching business (for lack of a more all encompassing description). i had done my best to just push it all aside and focus on the mom gig, but it just wasn't happening. everyone was suffering and i knew i had to do something about it. 

i am completely serious when i say i decided to toss it to the universe and ask for help. within less than two days my friend texted me that her day home had an opening for a couple of kids twice a week. she pushed me to inquire right away... of course normally i would procrastinate because i would be feeling guilty and afraid of making the choice. i made the call and despite the fact there had been other interest, we were the first to contact and they were in! the first day i had expected to feel sad and anxious but i didn't. i suppose it helped that i know the caregiver and that she comes with glowing references (thank you universe!). it also helped that my kids LOVE it there and quiet honestly it has made all the difference in how home life feels for all of us even in just these last couple of weeks. never ever did i expect that i would do something like this. i always thought i would be home with my kids and make it work because i could totally do it on my own. i recognize how unfair i was being to myself in this way. it is absolutely true that "it takes a village" and for my growing village, i could not be more grateful.

something else extremely exciting (for me anyway ;)), was the opportunity to complete my level two reiki training a couple of weeks ago. i did level one last may and never got around to writing about it. mainly because it was such a profound experience, it was one of those things i never felt i had adequate time or attention to give. 

reiki is a Japanese technique for reducing stress and promoting relaxation that in turn promotes healing since the body can only heal itself when truly relaxed and at rest. it is given by a practitioner (one who has been attuned by a reiki master), by laying hands on or just above certain energy points on the body. it is based on the idea that unseen "life force energy" flows through us and that it is this energy that enables us to essentially live. when this energy is flowing optimally we are able to live more happily and healthily since the quality of the flow of energy governs how we exist and interact with the world around us. since our life's experiences and conditioned patterns, (in particular our ways of thinking), can create energy blockages, insufficiencies, and excesses, reiki energy can be used to help clear, cleanse and balance these energy flows. in reiki level one we learned how to apply this to ourselves. btw, i honestly think if the majority of humanity could just learn reiki level one, the world would be undoubtably saved ;) in level two we learn more about how to help and heal others, in particular how to send the energy over distance. it sounds a little crazy but it's pretty amazing stuff. the biggest thing i have seen reiki do for myself is to help reveal more of my own conditioned patterns, giving me to opportunity to work on clearing and releasing those specific energies and enabling me to attract some pretty incredible things into my life that i have been wishing for for some time...

one of those things was finding a connection with other yoga teachers locally and in general i suppose... i've never really told the story of my experiences as a brand new yoga teacher because in truth, it was a little challenging and i never wanted to impart any negativity, especially since i live in a very small town. nonetheless, it seems important to release that here for some reason so i'll give the cole's notes :)

i had just moved across the country, to this town where i knew no one and there was only one yoga studio and one teacher. basically i moved, lived here for a month and then left to take (my first) a month long intensive yoga training. i sought out the teacher upon my return, who was very kind and encouraging. unfortunately there were other people and factors that found me ending up being let go from my teaching job after only a few months. it was simply a case of us not being able to come to an agreement that we were all comfortable with with regards to where and under what parameters, i should be able to teach. 

i had never been fired before and already being unsure as a new teacher, it was pretty heartbreaking and left me feeling pretty discouraged and along. none the less, i respected the decision on both our ends, and there are no hard feelings. i continued to teach and learn as much as i could online and soaked up every moment in those rare opportunities i could get to a live class, imparting as much pertinent knowledge as i could on the classes i taught 1-2 times a week. finally in 2014 a new teacher came on the scene whom i connected with right away and then recently another. we all teach different types of yoga and share a deep sense of responsibility to ensure a safe and accessible practice for all. it's been extremely exciting to finally get to share a vision with some like minded people so passionate about teaching such a potentially life changing practice. we've started to brainstorm some fun collaborations to help bring yoga to more people in the community as well as to help each other with our businesses. for this new connection and friendship i am all kinds of ridiculously grateful:)

so aside of overhauling this blog and bringing some new and exciting stuff to this space, it's been my etsy shop that has been the other online work i am trying to focus some energy on. of course only after much hemming and hawing about ridiculous details which i can now see as simply those aforementioned blockages. what's really fun yet slightly tedious about it for me is that it has turned into a way for me to learn about different stones/crystals and their energies in particular as applied in energy therapy such as reiki. this means that not only do i end up making the jewelry, nit picking my photography of it (since that's what i do.. haha), and then researching and writing the descriptions, but i am actually also studying and experimenting with them in the process. this is great fun for me, but extremely time consuming. that said you can rest assured if you make a purchase from studio santosha that an enormous amount of love and light has been poured into each piece:) i've also had the opportunity to work on some fun project designing custom pieces which i have to say has been so fantastic. I know this is ultimately what i hope to do the most work with in this area so if you are interested in creating something just for you please do not hesitate to contact me. You can simply request a custom order through the shop (click on an item an then the link underneath the main picture to request a custom order..) or email me at yogimommi@gmail.com and we can take it from there.

i've actually also started to share some of the nature photography i have been hoarding for years. there is a deep intention of peace and serenity, vibrance and expansion, and an heartfelt appreciation for mother nature in general behind these photos. keeping things easy peasy, i have decided to list mainly as digital downloads for the time being. managing to get quality prints made in any kind of reasonable and reliable timeframe around here has proved challenging so i've decided to simplify that aspect for the moment.

i do have some physical prints of "Landon's Lilies" in stock (4x6's and 5x7's) that i am still selling in support of the annual healing retreats for bereaved  mama's that will begin this June. as well i've listed these digitally, of which the 100% of the sales will be passed along as well. you can find the whole line up of Landon's Lilies photos right here... as well don't forget to check out the rest of the shop ;)

the other sticky spot i have come up against here now that there is actually a shop in existence, is the marketing. would you believe that while i totally knew that this was the next pertinent step in actually making a go of all of this, i have seriously had the universe knock me over the head with it time and time again, in particular recently through the constant posts on my facebook page from abundant yogi. today i finally watched the intro videos and have gained some clarity on what this means to me and what i need to do to take the next step. the crazy thing is i have an incredible network of people i can reach out to, yet again, it's those patterns of thinking that hold me back...

while the point of this post is to fill you in on the happenings around here, i want to be clear that i don't really share for the sake of sharing. i share because there is something in me that tells me it's what i need to do. i share because i really believe that i have an important story to tell, not because it is more exciting or interesting than anyone else's, but because i know that so much of what i am working through in my attempt to shine my best and brightest self out there, are the exact same things that hold so many of us back.

i recently was reading through some of my super duper old blog posts and journalling. i was so grateful to get a chance to be reminded of how far i have come on this journey so far as well as to relive some of the amazing memories we've created along the way. it also enabled me to be extra appreciative of how each and every one of our journey's is meant to unfold in a particular way. so often we think this or that external circumstance or situation or person etc. is the cause of our struggle or suffering but it's totally not. it's simply a challenge to which we always have choice of how to react. every reaction falls into one of two categories, love or fear. react with love, there will be growth and expansion. react with fear, there will be stagnation and frustration. 

everything that truly holds us back, everything that we need to move forward, is all within. sorting it out and decided what to toss, what to keep, and discovering what there is to find that we didn't even know was there... it's totally up to us. it is also pertinent to strive to be patient, loving and compassionate with what we find because anything else only strengthens the storyline, that what we want, what we deserve, and what we are meant to give to the world in our own special way, is buried too deep and lost forever.

and my friends, let me tell you. that is one story, that is simple just not true.

so i'll leave you here with some pics of puddle play from last week. there's nothing quite like some a serious splash fest to bring a little extra fabulousness to your day right..??

or maybe that's just us being really excited to have some weather fit for puddle jumping... fyi for family in particular (haha, or anyone that particularly enjoys these two's shenanigans..), this photo story is a little more wylie but i've got one that's all foster for the next post so stay tuned! ;)

mucho love and gratitude friends! 


b & the boys.