Wednesday, 9 April 2014

well hello there.

hi friends :)

It's been a SUPER DUPER long time coming but it FINALLY seems like we are ready to get a little face time going on here...

you see, the idea behind my blogging beginnings are few years ago were a little different....

I was starting a new chapter of my life... leaving behind a seven year stint in the big city where I had discovered what I was sure was my ultimate calling.

It was there that I finally found myself in love with my work as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. I loved my coworkers, my clients, all the opportunities to learn and grow, to teach and help. 

I felt beyond blessed to join these people on their journey, to facilitate positive change, to try to help them realize that they could do it, that nothing was impossible...


Working at a high end health club in the heart of the financial district in Toronto brings about a certain clientele... in particular a lot of type A personalities who encountered a tremendous amount of stress in their lives and jobs. 

From my very first client, I wanted with all my heart, to help them them all. To show them a way to be happier, more content, and more at peace with their lives... 

with themselves...

but I knew in my heart, I needed to make some changes as well.

I needed to learn how to do the same for me if I was to truly give all that I felt so compelled to do.

With that realization, there was a shift. 

There was a reunion with my high school sweetheart after a decade (whom I am now married two with two beautiful boys if you're just catching up...;)), there was guidance and support just where I needed it as others who had done what I needed to do appeared to help, seemingly out of no where and friends and loved ones offered exactly the advice I needed to hear...

When I left, I took some time, I started writing. A voice in my head told me to buy the mac I couldn't afford... so I did :) I started blogging. I wanted to blog about health and fitness, to stay in touch with my clients and continue to help them and others... but it turned into telling stories... Stories of my experiences...  from trials as a new mom to the expression of deepest gratitude for the challenge of it all, photo stories about my boys to recipes and mindful moments. Writing this blog has been tremendously cathartic, I learned that I both love and hate the writing process and also learned that that probably makes me a true writer :) While I always knew I needed to supplement with video (from both an outreach standpoint as well as a time saving one...),  I also knew that I needed to write first and I certainly know that the writing part will always be...

My journey thus far has been amazing, like SUPER DUPER amazing. I have been so fortunate, so incredibly blessed and spent SO MUCH TIME learning and growing and most importantly LISTENING....

I know now, that I will continue this growth. Each and every moment of each and every day, for as long as I can.

So far what I have had the opportunity to learn has COMPLETELY CHANGED MY LIFE

It just keeps getting better and better and my dreams keep coming true... and the more I take the time to connect and align myself with the greatness that guides me through all of this...

... the easier and more blissful it all becomes :)

It's for that reason that I'm pretty sure I NEED to be sharing it with the world, in the way I always knew I (we) would.

I could go on and on about it all forever but the point of this post is our debut video. We really just need to get to it. The first time facing any fear is always the hardest right?? 

 What it all came down to was so simple yet so complex. So ironic for someone that chats up strangers on a regular basis not to mention finds herself standing in front of a yoga class jabbering away instructions and cracking jokes...

Yet still, in this case, in this aspect of my life, it was all about finding my voice, letting go of the fear of being judged or disliked, of the need for perfection. 

I need to find a way of facing myself, accepting and loving it all...

... then finally, from that place, I needed to find my voice.

 I needed to SPEAK.

So for now, we would like to formally introduce ourselves. well, at least F and I anyway for the time being. He kind of video bombed this little bit but it all worked out pretty well we have to say. 

have a peek and see for yourselves...

oh but a wee warning first. you are about to witness a serious case of mommi brain right here. 

feel free to chuckle at my expense :)

Until next time...

Thank you so so much for being here. 

It is truly and honour and a blessing to share with you. 

We hope you're having a beautiful day, where ever you are!



Saturday, 15 March 2014

Silly dilly salad.

Hey friends :) I just wanted to share this random salad concoction with you for a couple of reasons, one, since I had bothered to photograph it during some slightly hairy supper time (yes we say supper... whadup east coast?!?!?) prepping about a week ago, and second, because I was really digging on the salad dressing that resulted from a need to use up some fresh dill I found buried in the fridge. 

I'm kind of a dill fanatic yet terribly guilty of buying it and forgetting about it. I even have an herb saver to help with this problem but alas... it seems to have taken up residence in the back of a kitchen cabinet. 

I snapped a few pics of the tantrum that ensued over whatever the problem was at the time. (yay for outstanding parenting!!!!) Truthfully I forget what the fit was about now. You know, they all start running together after a while.

oh the life of a two year old :)
so so SO much drama.

Luckily this one is generally easily swayed/distracted by a tickle attack or a little treehouse on the tele...

oh and he is also really into youtube funny cat video compilations. 

like REALLY into them. Funniest EVER those silly kitty cats...

see, just like that and we are snapping selfies... 

ya he likes those too :)

Anyhoo, here's the salad that sidled up to our din dins that night. 

It started with a simple, "what we've got in the fridge" base of spinach, cucumber and red pepper... 

On top o' that, a sprinkling of hemp hearts... if you haven't had hemp hearts, you MUST MUST MUST get some in your life. These puppies are a packed with protein, fibre and tons of those oh so good for you omega fatty acids (aka "get em in ya" fats). They are also a great source of iron (3 tbsp = 30% of the daily recommended intake), thiamine, phosphorus, zinc, and contain a whopping 70% DRI of magnesium and 110% of manganese.

ya, that's right ;)

I also added a sprinklin' of sunflower seeds, which are pretty much a salad staple around here... 

and then of course there's the dill... 

choppedy chop chop...

I tossed a a tbsp or so on the salad, and added the rest to the dressing... about 2-3 tbsp. If you really like dill, I'd say add a bit more...

I also pretty much always throw on a dusting of this amazing pink Himalayan salt. Hubby is obsessed and we're kind of stockpiling it in the pantry since it's a little hard to come by around these parts... really though, any salt would do. It might not seem like a big thing but a little bit of salt really balances things out nicely in particular if there is something a little sweet (honey) and savoury (dill!) involved. Plus this kind is actually good for you, in moderation of course! It's important to remember that we need some salt in our diet, it helps to keep our hydration levels in check. As with everything else, the less refined, the better.

As for the rest of the dressing ingredients...

... the concocting amounted to...

4 tbsps of apple cider vinegar
2 tbsp olive oil 
1 tbsp honey dijon (or regular dijon) mustard
the juice of half a lemon
2-3 tbsp chopped dill
2 tbsp plain greek yogurt 
1-2 tbsp honey
salt & pepper to taste....

Toss all ingredients in a small food processor or blender and give em a whirl until blended. You could also just give it a really good shake in a mason jar or other tightly lidded vessel as an option. I might chop the dill more finely if taking this route but that would be the chef's call ;) The yogurt was just to make the dressing creamy so if you were feeling more of a vinaigrette just skip it :)

Yup, it was pretty yummers. 

Any fave salad dressing recipes to share, I would love to hear em ;)

As always, 

thanks for being...

until next time. 


Sunday, 16 February 2014

a Valentines full of mommi luv : Part 1

So... as I write this, it is Saturday morning (again) and here I am... getting my type on... on my new macbook :) not a Valentine's day gift (well maybe to myself I suppose...) though I did get spoiled this Valentine's day for sure. In fact I had such a good day, I have decided the story requires at least two posts, (if not three or four by the time I am done)...

What can I say... there is a tremendous pile of love in my life :)

Back to the excitement of a new laptop for a minute... certain to mean increased productivity right?? (well in my head anyway;)) Perhaps the thing I'm most pumped about is the seemingly infinite storage space I now have for photos.

yay :)

haha. yes the old one is pretty jammed and editing has gotten painfully slow. As I was just taking some time to transfer some of the photos I plan to blog, the process was getting a little tedious. I felt I needed to shift my energy focus for a bit. Given the fact that I had yet to write about our Valentines day (which I really didn't want to let slip by, as so many days seem to do), I hit the mat for a mini mommi session...

... and now here I am, gettin'er dun.

Our Valentine's day started early... like 3 am early. We're still in transition around here with Foster's big boy bed and nap dropping shenanigans...  (the majority of the challenge I'm sure having to do with lack of fresh air and general cabin fever). Sure enough one little sunshine deprived boy was out in the living room ready to play at 3 am on love day. While we did find our way back to the sac within a reasonable timeframe, endless squeaks and squaks on the baby monitor from two wee ones made for a foggy mommi rising before the sun.

We had our roots of empathy class first thing that morning. I had written this post about the program and how pumped we were to be part of it back in the early fall. We had our first visit (which I never got around to posting about...) and then the program was put on hold with the measles outbreak in Southern Alberta. We got a call a couple of months ago it was back on (yay) and this has been our second chance to visit since then.

We made it out the door fairly easily, looking forward to seeing our grade two class, dropping Foster with our darling Denise who happens to live just around the corner from our school on the way there. On the drive, Wylie catches a snooze and is ready to rock by the time we get to the classroom.

Yes, he was ready alright... Introducing...
And as it turns out, the kids are ready to show us some love as well... dressed in their Valentine finest and anxiously awaiting our arrival :)

Each visit there is a topic covered which the kids discuss before class, wagering a guess as to what Wylie will or won't "just yet" be able to do during this visit. Something I find so incredible about kids this age is of course how inquisitive they are, but perhaps even more so, how much they love to share about their own lives and experiences. They get so excited to tell us about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING from the fact that they also know a baby, and that baby can talk or walk or even eats bananas.. but wait, can Wylie talk? and does he eat food? and oh HE'S DROOLING ON THE FLOOR AGAIN!!!! haha.. so cute and of course get's me imagining how my boyz will be at that age AND how quickly that will undoubtably come. It's a great reminder to enjoy this time...

... even if it's stumbling around in the dark at 3 am...

ok, that could be a bit of a stretch...

Anyway, in prep for today's topic of convo "caring for baby", I was asked to stuff my diaper bag with everything I could think of, which I did... right down to thermometers and extra socks even though W was already wearing two pairs since his awesomely chunky ankles don't fit into any of the shoes I have out for him at the moment :)

Much more interesting than that bag o stuff however, was the fact that Wylie was very interested in some of the toys the facilitator had brought for him. A couple of clear balls with spinners in them were the target... quite literally in fact, as he used the slide of the "green roots blanket" that is his stage, to drag himself to them only to have them slip out of the reach of his little fingers... all the while checking out the kids as if to see if they were watching...

I may have another born performer on my hands.

A little lo down on how these visits are structured to go down because it's really cute...

...AND with it being Valentine's day EXTRA CUTE of course! 

When we come in the room the kids are all standing around three sides of a big green blanket meant for baby Wylie and I (I generally give him the floor, I mean, those are HIS pics on that bulletin board not mine;)). They start sing their "Hello baby Wylie and how are you???" song as we take a walk around to each of them so they can check him out and say hello. Once we've said hello to everyone we take our spot and generally open with some conversation over their observations of him and how he has changed. Aside of the fact he was clearly moving around a lot more, he had just been starting to get his first couple of teeth during our last visit, which had obviously grown since then. This made a nice segway to talk about how babies sometimes bite when they are getting their teeth and how they don't mean to hurt us when they "accidentally" chomp down with those little baby razor biters...
I'm so in love with this program and it's purpose.

As I mentioned in this post, the idea is to teach kids how to empathize, to appreciate and understand their own feeling and those of others.

I can't think of a more valuable lesson to be teaching our children. How cool that on "LOVE DAY" we get to be part of something like that...

As our visit comes to a close, the kids sing their "Goodbye baby Wylie, we'll see you soon." jingle as we make our rounds to bid farewell. Wylie flashed drooly smiles at them as they grin back, tickling his toes as we walk by.

AND THEN, as an added bonus, we got a little extra serenade upon our departure as the kids were off to spread some LOVE DAY love to some older folks... they wanted to practice a poem and little jingle they had been working on to share during their visit. The boys called on the girls in the cutest little call and response of funnies, asking the girls to let them steal a smooch.

omgoodness. so flipping cute.

At any rate, clearly it was a pretty great start to the day despite the early rise...

We sure hope you had a lovely love day yourself.
More to come on ours!



Friday, 7 February 2014

Just putting it out there...

It's so true that while the days can feel long, the weeks go so fast! In fact last Friday (which of course feels like yesterday), was kind of the epitome of that for us.

Yup, Just like that, in a flash it was Friday...

...  and that Friday felt as though it may never end.

By mid afternoon I decided we REALLY needed to get out of the house. It was in fact a pretty nice day and we probably (definitely) should have made more of an attempt to get outside for some fresh air. Since both kiddos were still under the weather and in need of a little rest to say the least (afternoon napping had yet to happen for either..) I opted for a drive.

As a treat I decided to take a rip through the Tim Horton's drive through. Now, not to sound like a snob but Timmy's really doesn't do it for me so much when I am looking to treat myself.

What I REALLY wanted at that moment was Starbucks... What you don't have Starbucks?? you say... Oh, we have Starbucks here. It's inside the Safeway...

There is definitely no, "hey I have two kiddos in the car and no idea how long the lineup in there is but no worries I'll just cruise the drive through..."

Haha... nope, we have to get OUT OF OUR CARS AND GO IN! Can you even imagine!

Now, I'm not normally one to update my facebook status with much, never mind with my first world problems such as inaccessibility to personalized lattes but for whatever reason, as I waited in that Timmy's drive through, I decided to do just that...

"Where is a Starbucks drive through when you need one anyways...???"

We place our order. A tea for me, oatmeal raisin cookie for F and I to share, and a timbit for Jessy girl. Sorry W, nothing for you just yet :)

Never mind anyway, he is sleeping :)

We take a drive. Crossing country there is space. Foster has the ipad with mickey mouse playing in the backseat. Something that keeps him from complaining normally but today he whines. I try to ignore him. Suddenly the whining stops.

he is asleep.



If you are a mom, you know there is only one thing to do at this point.

keep driving.

We cruise a "back road" as the sun is beginning to set.

this.. is just what we needed :)

Back home we go. Shortly after we arrive Dad rolls in from work... Two plants wrapped up in plastic in hand...

... and a Starbucks.

I still am not sure if he read that post. I presumed maybe his "work wife" had seen it and passed it along.

They both deny :)

One thing I will say is that we are not Starbucks fiends by any means. We're DIY french press or espresso machine on the weekend folks around here for the most part. I'm just sayin, this is not something that happens on a regular basis.

And oh the plants!!!  a beautiful trio of lucky bamboo and LOVELY orchid...

I am so in love with how they both brighten up our space on these chilly winter days.. I seriously may weep when that orchid stops blooming...;)

I love it that much.

But clearly not as much as I love my oh so very thoughtful hubby...

... my beautiful boys...

... and a half hour of peace at the end of a long day/shorty pants week.

You just may find me updating my facebook status a little more often in the future ;)

Namaste friends.


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Selfies and smoothies for two.

Something I have been doing my best to make a habit of is having a smoothie a day. I know we should really start our day with em, however in the winter I really prefer warm breakfast so lately we have been doing a pretty nice job fitting them in at lunch.

I'll usually just use the single serving "to go" cup of my ninja and we'll "share". Since I was allowed control of the glass today, we swapped turns slurping up this delicious vitamin C packed combo as we sat with our sniffles and started Rio on netflix again;) i

Super Smoothie

1/2 cup Frozen raspberries
1/2 cup Frozen cranberries
1 tangerine, peeled :)
1 scoop of vega vanilla (or vanilla protein of choice)
Coconut water
Almond milk
2-3 ice cubes 

Blend in high powered blender of choice for 30-60 seconds...

... And enjoy! 

Mmmmmm slurpilishious.

Btw. According to my autocorrect, that is a real word! 

What's your favorite slurpilishious combo?

Till next time.
Be happy
Be healthy:)

b & f

Sunday, 2 February 2014

It's Saturday morning...

... and we're off to a good start. Wylie slept THROUGH THE NIGHT last night.. ahhhh... Yes, the first.. "wt??? it's five thirty omg what is wrong with him!!!" frantic awakening.

are you breathing??? wriggled up into a corner of the crib, out from under the blankets..


no actually. leave him. He has been fine there all night. and IS BREATHING. 

probably ok.

I check on the other one...

...who is on the floor by his bed. standard the last few nights since we have made the move to BBB. AKA the three sided bed. AKA SUUUUUUUUPER easy to get out bed, this is so awesome I'll NEVER HAVE TO STAY IN BED AGAIN bed...

and I won't. I'll just SLEEP BESIDE IT.
ha. I'll show them ;)

oooooohhhhhh Foster. HE IS TWO YES HE IS. If you've been there you know. haha... unreal how you can love AND want to throttle someone so...

yes, it was a good morning.

Keep in mind it started at 6... lots of time... :)

PLENTY of time...

Wylie went down for a stellar nap... Foster and I finally actually watched Rio on Netflix... well most of it. And it's played twice today already. I think this could be the new fave.

Anyway. yes, It was all good. Wylie woke up from his nap. He was happy as usual. We change bums, have snacks and then things start to get a little hairy...

In fact I was noticing how Foster's crazy hair was looking a little extra crazy.

And then there was the look in his eye... the...

I have an uncontrollable urge to throw things.. any things... repeatedly... over and over and over...

This is starting to look very familiar.

except instead of over the couch, over and over again...

"I'll be needing to throw said things at you... And in case you didn't notice,  those choice items are these teddy bears. Ya you know, my best friends?? They've agreed to accompany me on my mission. 

But first... I shall demo my truly awesome aim for my little brother while he sits in his exersaucer, and when you tell me to stop, I shall proceed to bombard you with them... then him again... then when you pick him up to try and save him...

I will get you both!!!!

Ha. I am so smart. you see what I did there :)

just like my DAD."

It's so hard not to laugh... Seeing as the choice items are not dinky cars this time. Plus he just looks so crazy cute. Of course the game get's old on our end pretty quick. I confiscate his friends for lack of another means to an end... he is crying. 

He's exhausted. I know. Plus he IS TWO, and pretty much speaks his own language. A touch problematic in the communication department.

Especially when he's not sure what the problem actually is.

There is also a pretty good chance the last of his two year molars are trying to bust through... not to mention he has had a nasty cold all week...

he puts his little hands on his own jaw then points to my mouth.

my heart cries.

his mouth hurts.

I tell him I know.

His teary blue eyes with those impossibly long eyelashes, tell me he gets that I know.

There is a moment of peace...
...and quiet :)

It might seem insignificant, but it was an epic moment for us. Despite the fact he has a pretty decent vocab amid the incessant jibber jabber, getting him to use those words to communicate is what I find the most frustrating right now. Yes, it was pretty darn special in this mommi's mind :) In that moment it seemed we TRULY understood each other.

... and right now we totally understand each other as well.

He knows I want him to be asleep in bed.
and I know he is repeatedly opening and closing his bedroom door to get my attention...



It's Saturday night...

I sure am grateful for that Saturday afternoon found me running errands ALONE...

It's amazing what a recharge a little space can give..

Hope you're finding a bit of your own this weekend... 

... if that's what you need ;)

Namaste friends.


Thursday, 30 January 2014

Doodie Calls...

Bleary eyes opening. Do I hear W waking?

Look at the monitor tucked under my pillow.

 yup. Sure is. But wait. Maybe, just maybe he will go back to sleep.

Pitter patter of little feet. F awake too?... and may or may not have been into W's room to say good morning already?

What the heck time is it.

5 am. on the nose. Yesterday felt like the longest day EVER and today is starting an hour earlier.


Sure enough. bedroom door opens.

pitter patter. jibber jabber.

yes yes, good morning to you child. now go back to bed.

ya right :)

Mom's headed back that way for the baby anyway. I will take you there. Maybe, just maybe, you'll lay in bed long enough with that little turtle shining stars on the ceiling to fall asleep again...

Really though. mom knows better.

Minutes later the three of us, runny noses and all, huddle up in the bed together in the bed in the nursery, staring at those blue, red and green stars.

Mom knows there is no way this day has not already started.

Thankfully W is getting pretty good at hitting snooze if he is tired enough. At least one of them has some sense:)

F and I make our way to the kitchen to start our day. Dad is just leaving for work. Mom is not a happy camper at this point.

"This makes this day so unbelievably long, you can't even imagine...." I say to him as we kiss goodbye.

He says nothing. He doesn't know what to say... or decided it's better not to say anything.

He's a smart man :)

As soon as the words are out of my mouth, I feel a twinge of shame. I should be grateful to be home with my guys. Be thankful for our beautiful life in general... I should be sucking it up and doing my job.

but my job seems so impossibly difficult in that moment.


and then I remember.


A voice whispers...

and I AM grateful.

I am also very tired.

and very human.

and very hungry.

So I make us breakfast, and in between courses of yogurt and toast I make a choice.. I choose a seat in my sacred space. I choose to breathe, to sit and ask for help.

I ask my angels to deliver me the patience and compassion I need to get through the day without losing my sh*t.

I insist to myself I can muster the energy and stamina to not just "get through" the day, but also to be gracious enough to find the joy in it....

runny noses and all.

I tell myself it is ok to feel frustrated,
that if I yell the world will not end,
that this IS HARD but it IS WORTH IT,
that this is a big chunk of my soul's purpose and in living it,
I am doing enough.

and so we start our day...

breakfast is over and I'm pretty sure it's time for a bum change judging by a whiff I just got from the high chair.

ah the joys of motherhood.


we hope you're having a JOYFUL once where ever you are.