Sunday, 28 September 2014

on a mindful monday // big time mommi time.

hey friends. 

hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

ours was a bit of an adventure as the wee boys and i scooted off to the airport on saturday to pick up my mom. we feel so blessed to always be crazy excited to have grandparents visit. as i've mentioned all of ours are on the east coast so visits are a pretty big deal. 

they also seem to come when we need them the most. 

this particular visit was actually somewhat planned around some other tremendously exciting events. on wednesday this mommi will drive back to the airport (alone) with her bags (yes, just hers), wait for her flight with a warm beverage and reading material (or maybe just relax and people watch), and board her flight to miami where she will meet a couple of her besties whom she hasn't seen in forever, at Canyon Ranch for four nights, in celebration of a very special someone's, very special bday...

bring on the all the yoga i can cram into three days, a mirage of other wellness related "stuff that i love" and of course, 


yup. it's true! 

i only wish i could bring all the deserving mommies out there with us!

needless to say, i am pretty excited despite the fact i seem to have failed to dodge the cold my kiddos have been brewing the last couple of days. of course there is some anxiety despite the fact that my mom is more than capable (she had five after all) and that hubby will be home in the evenings. no matter how well you know they will be taken care of i think this is pretty normal to anticipate some separation anxiety. i mean i am clearly looking forward to such an amazing and NEEDED break, but i am pretty sure there might be some tears (and not little boy tears) when i drive away. somewhat thankfully i have an early enough flight that i won't see them that morning. 

*sob*.. wait a minute! i won't see them the morning i leave???!!!!!

oh my heavens, this might be harder than i thought ;)

i'd best get all the snotty snuggles i can in the next couple of days.
thank goodness for my essential oil addiction.. at least the recent addition of do'terra breathe to the collection is, well... letting us breathe! 

as much as i am looking forward to this trip (understatement much??), i am also looking forward to coming back through that door to those gorgeous faces (yes hubby you too of course!!), PLUS by then my dad will have arrived for a few days. i am also EXTREMELY grateful for the opportunity to do this at all. i realize this is not something many moms with little ones have the chance to do. i also realize that part of being a good mom is making a point to take time out. maybe not four whole days time out... that's not particularly realistic for most of us, but even just a few minutes here and there. 

a few hours, even better.

a whole day. dreamy. 

four days. i still can't believe it is about to happen.

on a making mommi time note, i have been getting a lot of yoga and meditation related questions (in particular from moms of course!) AND I PROMISE that i will be getting to those very soon. posts and video are in the works. it's just a bit of a process. 

i know i know... what do i do with my time anyways?? ;)

oh right... SO MUCH THINKING! 

and thats before we even get to the DOING! imagine :)

to all the mommies out there.. please please PLEASE be sure to give yourself the credit you deserve. 

oh and perhaps check out this video from Erin Motz's... "yoga for when you are about to freak out". speaking of giving props where they are due... i just plain love this girl and goodness knows i could use this in my back pocket on those extra challenging days!

thanks Erin! you BAD YOGI you ;)

till next time.

all the mommi luv in the world to you and yours.



Saturday, 27 September 2014

fun fashion friday reinvented // yay booties!

ok i was just tossing around the idea on instagram of changing up the friday post theme ever so slightly (you know... such a big decision! haha).


i also realize that if i actually want the post to go up on friday, i'd best start getting started on it a little earlier in the week. if you're a stay at home mom you can see how this can be a bit confusing seeing as it's pretty easy to lose track of what day it is as the weeks blow by.

fall is in the air these days and the weather has been so beautiful. no complaints here when the temp is around 20 celcius in the backyard at the end of September. tomorrow morning my mom arrives from the east coast, and four sleeps from then i'll be hitting up a couple of my east coast/ big city besties for some big birthday celebrations at Canyon Ranch Miami.

PUUUURRRRDY exciting!!

in the meantime we've been doing our best to get some much needed socializing in. well, the kids get to socialize. mostly us moms, well we just rangle, mediate and laugh at how all we REALLY need out of our visits is the reassurance we are not alone in the crazy town that is motherhood.

although more wine drinking time would definitely help.

it's no secret around here that finding time for everything that needs to "get done" can be challenging.
there's a pretty clear theme  - honour the process - trust your gut - figure out what makes your soul sing..

and get that tune on repeat.


so this might sound a little random for a triple F post (haha, too much??) last night i listed to this "Attraction Meditation" from Natural Hypnosis. I have never really officially been hypnotized though really i would just describe the thirty minutes as a vey deep relaxing and clearly guided meditation however i have to say it felt different than any meditation i've experienced.

i also have to say, i really encourage you to check it out for yourself.

the track had made it into my inbox through a sea of subscribed email that i never ever get through. i have tried to clean it up many a time only stumble upon more and more life changing information i needed access to immediately. at any rate some pretty awesome stuff has come along that really has been game changing for me, and i have set a solid intention to get to sharing much more of that here, so please do stay tuned.

for now a little briefing on this hypnosis. this is all about connecting you to your purpose and helping you to share your gifts with the world in a way that is inherently YOU. it's about allowing all that is meant to flow through you to do so freely so that you are able to realize all that stuff you daydream about.

in a nutshell, this hypnosis was basically suppose to help the listener MAKE THAT SHIT HAPPEN.

i've mentioned i've realized lately how much i (we all) could benefit from to be getting a morning practice and meditation in before role as mommy begins for the day. nonetheless,  it's been a serious struggle. like as in never ever happens. i wake up to the alarm and hit snooze. i just do. i can't help it... in that moment, i just feel so tired and all i want is that few minutes more. eventually i have done this enough times that any chance of getting out of bed before blondie bounds across the house to insist it's time to get going.. only after crawling into his little bros crib to let him know the sun it up so it must mean it's time to rise!

this morning exactly one minute before my alarm was to go off, my eyes sprung open. i felt totally refreshed. seriously i have not felt like that waking up in months.. probably years.

i did not beat foster however. he was already up and in wylie's crib. it's was not even seven and my first thought is that he's going to be tired if the playdate we have planned for around ten pans out. i choose to sit alone in mediation for a few minutes, right in my bed.. a bit of breathing and a little stretch...

and i'm feeling super and ready to face the day.

ha. and wouldn't you know it. wylie goes back to sleep for two hours and times everything out perfectly for our little playdate.

.. where we do all of that stuff i mentioned above and wish we had the chaos on video to show our husbands :)

after the fun we came home, wylie napped, foster chilled, and i had myself a fun hour or so of shooting this post.

let me just say, these posts are not just about clothes and shoes. they are not just about how fun it is to play around with personal style, really enjoy the process, the art, of self expression and putting it all together in it's "natural environment" to create a photography that tells a story. these posts are a journey for me. "a journey through the selfie" as my heart likes to call it ;) this journey is one that could fill a book, or at least easily a few chapters

... and may very well one day.

since today is pretty close to over (actually it officially is..) and i have a big day tomorrow i'm going to leave that at that for now.

anyways in the land of b things are really coming together in the most magical way... all in all it's far too much to get into in this, what was suppose to be a quickie post. i am pretty comfortable today with the taking it as it comes because that is when things seem to really start to happen.

just like this life itself, it shall undoubtably unfold here...

all in good time.

anyhoo, if your still with me! let's get to it. here they be, the stars of this week's (first ever) fab find friday post and yet another thing to love about fall.

like em? i am in love. i don't by a ton of shoes anymore and am very selective about what i choose to invest in. after a reasonable online search with some very specific criteria. i found exactly what i was after... the lucky torrance bootie!
i started to my closet to style these and then decided what i was wearing was a pretty solid representation of my personal "style" these days. these jeans were purchased over five years ago and worn to pieces in particular after two pregnancies and a bleach tie dye job. they ended up morphing from a skinny fit (my first pair of skinnies ever by yoga jeans!) into more of a boyfriend cut which i always thought i couldn't wear... just like i did with skinnies ;) today i noticed at our playdate that the already patched up crotch was hanging by a thread in more than one place. i'm pretty sure i'm going to try at least one more patch job round. they really are the comfiest ever. 

then i got it in my head i needed a summer meets fall look in the way of my favourite romper and new cozy knit (both winners snags). the necklace is a studio santosha design (much more on that front coming soon!)
so is this pretty personalized arm candy that just happens to match this oh so me birdy scarf..
... and finally my little feather drop earrings that just happens to match the most recent addition to my plaid collection (yup, the country sure has seeped into my blood. i can't get enough western inspired footwear or button ups!

what was a little crazy today was how easily and joyfully this whole process happened. honestly, just so much fun from start to finish AND happened in one day.


so that all said, i highly recommend checking out this link to give this thing a whirl... 

even if it only works for a day "Natural Hypnosis', Attraction Accelerator" get's two thumbs up from this mommi ;)

oh and no, despite the multiple links here i am really just that excited about it.. no kickbacks happening here. expect full disclosure if that is ever the case, and know i will NEVER EVER EVER endorsed anything paid or not that i have not tried and enjoyed myself.

ok that is really all for now. bedtime big time.

hmmm... i wonder what tomorrow will bring ;)

as always,

thanks for being friends.

hope you've had a wonderful week.



Monday, 22 September 2014

on a mindful monday // no walk in the park

oh what a slacker i am on this whole monday mommi mantra thing! haha. i actually have been kind of stuck on the whole "labelling" of the day..  i am pretty sure only i would get hung up on such a little detail but i'm realizing that's just how i operate. let's just say i'm doing my best to be patient with myself and my creative processes. as you may have noticed, i find myself leaning more towards the ring of "on a mindful monday" .. you know, help myself feel less freaked out by TOO MUCH STRUCTURE.

hmm... maybe that theme is part of our struggle these days.

oh yes... these days have been feeling very VERY challenging in the mommy department. to the more than one person who told me that two had nothing on three... years old that is, you couldn't be more right. not that i was doubting you or anything. i think maybe i was just hoping you were kidding.

i've been doing some "reading up" in search of some parenting advice that really resonated with me and have stumbled upon my girl Carol Tuttle, master energy healer and author of "The Child Whisper" which highly recommend if you're into the whole "intuitive parenting" thing. (see right side bar for link the amazon link if you are interested in snagging your own copy;))

I've just signed on for her Chakra 7 program, and was so RELIEVED (yes that is exactly how i felt) when i saw she was into the parenting stuff.  i need some time to get into that book a little deeper stat since the little bit i had put into practice (once realizing i had a type one "fun loving child" re... also VERY social), really had made a big difference.

the thing is, my fun loving guy needs A LOT of social interaction and i am realizing that he is not getting nearly enough.

this week started off with a plan of getting on that STAT. it was looking good but unfortunately it didn't quite work out. i'm not going to get into the ins and outs of the day but let's just say it had some memorable highlights.

thankfully one of those included a beautiful walk with a beautiful friend and her sweetie new babe who's big bro (foster's bud) was at his day home for his one day a week. a nice break for mom but bummer for foster who's other buddy didn't make it either.

we managed about two thirds of the lap before foster's little two wheeler w/o peddles, aka glider, aka "MOTORCYLE GO FAST!!!!", "ran out of fuel". I had taken my chances of this happening in a desperate attempt to wear him out, in hopes of a nap happening later, seeing as the last five nights had found him wandering between three and five in the morning.. one night i even woke up with him lying on me fast asleep.

that was a new one.

these wee early of the morning visits seem to happen with the obvious overtiredenss that comes with a child who always wants to be doing something or with someone. he fights sleep like nothing i have ever seen. he's also a finicky eater and pulling out every ounce of his "i will do what i want when i want" attitude. i am convinced that he is seriously also just waking up hungry. it drives me to crazyville with the whole eating thing. i seriously get so frustrated. this is my ultimate button. the one that seems to be able take so very few jabs before i completely lose it. once the pair of us are exhausted, well let's just say there are some very rough moments. today when the proverbial wheels came off during our stroll, i just had nothing left. i had told my friend i had woken with a mantra/prayer that morning.

it was just there.. in my head, just like that, although, i probably should have listed patience first.

my pal jumped in to help. she has experience with these situations (thank heavens for mommy's that KNOW), and a much more authoritative personality than i do. she is also a brilliant school teacher. as we had started our walk she asked me knowingly how i was doing today...

well you know... 

well yes i do... 

well, lucky her, she got to witness it all first hand ;)

it was a struggle by times to say the least. we had our moments but i clung to those words with all my might..

and wouldn't you know it.. he actually had a nap and my to do list??? well here i cross of the last of it.. something i truthfully didn't think at the beginning of the day would actually happen.

so there it is friends... on a mindful monday...  my personal mommi mantra (well look at that.. i'm digging both today i guess..)

hope yours was a dandy.



Saturday, 20 September 2014

just b ageless

a week and a day ago....

a game of point and name....

mom : what's this foster..??

foster (with as much enthusiasm as a disney trip announcement... : A DINOSAUR!!!!

ok well it's actually an alligator puzzle piece but if you are that excited about it... hey, fill your boots.

mom : how about this?? (holding up a lost treasure from the infant activity mat long stowed away...

foster : "an OCTYpus!!!!"


on the bottom of the OCTYpus there is a mirror.. I the light bounces off it and onto his sweet face as he peers at his reflection...

mom : "... and who might this be??"

foster : "FOSTER!!!!"

he has only recently started calling himself by name and truthfully, he seems like a pretty big fan of "FOSTER".. 

i wouldn't have it any other way :)

mom : "and how old is Foster?"

no reply... seriously. he just won't answer the question. we've been asking a while... he won't even repeat.. and that's his favourite  game.

mom : "is foster going to be three years old??"

still no answer (given previous statement, why am I surprised ?

granted, not that I mention it, he is totally fixated at something over there...

foster : "WOOK AT THE TWUCKS!!!!

yup, that's my boy ;)

I guess it's safe to say that age isn't exactly relevant in his world...

and I suppose we should all take a page from the three year old's book.

namaste friends.


Saturday, 13 September 2014

do what yogatta do

as i begin to write this...

i watch him lie face first on the little tykes slide, eyes closed. totally exhausted in the sun.

ten minutes prior...

i find myself in pursuit of nap time... he needs it. yet i know it will be a feeble attempt. this sentiment due to the fact that this is not my first ring around the rodeo in our living room. he runs in circles screaming "NO NO NO" and I don't even chase him because really...

well for starters... i'm over the whole circle chase diddy.

but mostly, i know the fight is not worth it and wouldn't i rather enjoy the sunny warmish day with him outside rather than an hour plus of frustration that experience tells me will be in vain anyway...

go ahead, tell me my attitude is the problem. i'm cool with it ;)

five minutes before that...

books tell me my picky eater is my fault... while he loves peppers (???) he has a list of less than ten items he will regularly eat. most of them are healthy... mainly because his mama is the type to let him believe rice cakes are "cookies"...

i have decided to experiment.. to let go of the fear of failure. he is becoming a fan of "dip"... chicken and potatoes disappeared last night with a little help from a ketchup puddle... or two... maybe... just maybe...

or maybe today i end up eating (in an attempt to demo how AWESOMELY YUMMY it is of course), each end of the slice of honey ham dipped in ketchup and mustard and rolled up with a toothpick that i've presented with a side of that colourful and delicious dippin' stuff... know, to make it more FUN, since the books tell me i have a type one, "fun loving child".

they've got that one right.

i don't even really like ketchup, especially on ham... his problem is clearly NOT the ketchup as the peppers are "SOOOOO GOOD" with it.


a whole new world i have created for his favourite vegetable..


the ham remains on the tray. he has taken out the toothpick and rolled it out flat.

"YOGA!!!" he exclaims, eyes wide and bright, looking to me for my approval.

it takes me a second. "oh yes of course bud, just like when we roll out the mat for yoga."

what can you do... yogatta giggle right?

in this very moment...

he is asleep. my heart smiles at the thought of his sweet though sometimes seemingly sadistic little self and how he has the ability to delight and exhaust me all at once.

i wouldn't have it any other way.

till next time friends...

love lives here.


b & f.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

fun fashion friday // in love with the little red coat

well believe it or not i have done a ton (by my standards anyways) of writing and photography this week.. the thing is I have done a ton of other stuff too (don't ask me what, i can't quite remember...). let's just say if i get a little time to myself to finish up a few things, there is serious possibility of a serious post bombing happening here...

again... by my standards...

but for now.. a little fun fashion friday post.

it's been a few weeks since i've gotten to one of these. truly while they are something i never thought i would do on this blog, they really are always random happenings and truly SO MUCH FUN. as long as i can remember i have always loved fashion (though i probably don't exactly emulate that so much these days...haha). i even went through a pretty solid period where i was sure i was going to go to design school... anyway, given how much i love photography, this type of thing should kind of be a no brainer i suppose. the thing is of course, it's taken a long time for me to be comfortable seeing myself in the picture.

anyway this little backyard photo shoot was truly spontaneous in nature (no pun intended). something i've found myself doing a lot of this week is purging our space (my hubby might beg to differ but it's true!). i happened upon this little coat i have had FOREVER, and threw it on in yet another effort to decide if i really need to hang onto it since it rarely makes an appearance. 

haha... i guess maybe it seems a little "too fancy" for my day to day if you know what i mean. i realize that seems a little ridiculous and i would have to agree as it actually works really well with my current fall wardrobe, in particular with my button up obsession. this is one thing i do actually love about the changing seasons even when it means winter is around the corner... WARDROBE CHANGE! in any event, i think it's safe to say that the welly's make it an acceptable getup for a little "somewhat dreary day backyard hang with a conveniently matching tricycle"...

don't you think?

as most of my favourite wardrobe pieces are, it was a winners snag. i remember i was so excited when i found it as i had been on the hunt for a little trench coat but with a just a little pizazz. i remember thinking we were meant for each other :) i failed to take a good shot of the liner but you can see a bit on the cuff. besides the the obvious fun factor of a RED coat, it has a zebra print lining. 

truthfully, i'm pretty sure i'll end up hanging onto it forever.

speaking of meant for each other... as i was taking the pics i also found myself enjoying some lovely nostalgia, as memories of wandering around my then home of Toronto with him the second (and last) time he came from Alberta to visit me there filtered through my mind. (in case you're just catching up, we were high school sweethearts reunited a dozen years later..). shortly after i officially ditched the big city and followed my heart to live the prairie life with him. now here we are... together in this beautiful place, living this amazing life with our crazy little boys and darlin jessy girl.


hmmm.. come to think of it i am pretty sure the hunter welly's were brand new on the scene then too... the best shoe wear investment i've made to date hands down i must say.

oh and if you're wondering about the rest... the lovely wrinkled (did i really need to point that out?) polkadot chambray by billbong was another sweet winners find AND another "i've been looking for just the right one forever" snag.) and the dark wash skinnies are mavi... nothing special, although on second thought, they are a little bit magical, as i was able to wear them through the first half of my second pregnancy even when my belly popped out the second i knew i was pregnant.

seriously... like sisterhood of the travelling pants magical.

anyhoo.. i suppose that's about it for now :)

coming soon in related posts... my own personal "journey through the selfie".

it's been quite a ride. 

till next time.

do what you love and don't give a hooey (ya.. that's a word) about what anyone else has to say about it.

that is all :)



Monday, 1 September 2014

on a mindful monday // the grateful heart

sure hope everyone has had a great long weekend! we're still keeping it simple around these parts and have had a lovely one ourselves.

having been tagged in an exercise in gratitude on f/b over the weekend I was grateful for the reminder to be grateful and figured why not pass along a little reminder to ya'll... seeing as it's not one we can ever have come our way too often in my humble opinion.

be grateful and you will be happy..

simple enough right ;)

enough said.

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