Monday, 18 August 2014

monday mommi mantra // you can only do...

It was a week ago Saturday that we returned to the west from our east coast adventures... We hadn't been home more than a half hour when hubby opened the pantry door and said "Something exploded in here... like really exploded..."

It took me a moment to register what he was saying. When I had, I envisioned of a bag of flour or sugar has busted open after a fall of a shelf.

Hubby has shut the door and is doing something else. Several minutes later,  I open it.

The floor, completely covered in at least a half inch deep pool of something dark and sticky. The walls and pretty much every item in the jam packed space, coated in the same stuff. The shelves themselves, could have nothing ever fall off them now, as everything is glued down by the sweet and syrupy substance, having dripped down the underside edges of each one, as well as the back wall. 

Truly a sight to behold. Not surprisingly I did not feel inspired to take a picture in the moment. I do my best to leave the house pretty neat and tidy so that I only have the unpacking to deal with after a trip. This was not exactly what I had expected to have to deal with after a long day of travel. 

Regardless. I had no choice. I could leave it or clean it. Considering we were in need of at least a few staple groceries, and that it sure wasn't going to go away on it's own, I needed to take care of business. Hubby scooted the kiddos off out of the way and I began the task of cleaning up the biggest mess I've had to in this mommi life so far. 

Clearly it was a bit ironic how it had nothing to do with my kiddos.

There was no way to tackle it but with slow methodic patience. Our best guess had been that it was balsamic vinegar. We were right. On the top shelf was an bone dry costco sized bottle with one side completely blown out.

I peeled items off the shelves, cleaning them as best I could, scrubbing the sticky surfaces and noting how I would definitely not forget this any time soon as I'd be finding remnants for (probably) ever. I was forced to make a plan and despite the arduous (in the jet lagged exhausted moments) task before me, I had to get it done and taking my time was the only option if I were to do a thorough job. I had to be patient, accepting of the current situation and work hard, even though it was probably the last thing I wanted to do.

As I worked, I imagined the moment of impact. Despite the fact that the bottle was exactly where it had been left, it was pretty clear there was a definitive force behind the expulsion of the contents. 

Now that it's all behind me, I really wish I had taken a picture:)

All the while I soaked, scraped and scrubbed, I searched for the message. Not much happens these days that I don't find some type of lesson in. I really believe that's the way it's suppose to be so that's the way I roll. Maybe it's not for everyone, at least to the degree it has seemed to filter into my personal everyday. All I know is that this process fosters growth and gratitude and gratitude makes everything so much better.  Simply put, once I started, it got kind of hard to stop :) 

The message was there, but a little foggy. Upon the return from any "vacation" I'm always expecting big things from myself. Sure vacation is meant to refresh and rejuvenate, so I suppose that is my reasoning to this end. That said, anyone who vacations with small children knows that while getting away for a while, (especially to visit with and have the assistance of, the extremely helping and giving family we are so blessed to have), is so very wonderful in itself, it's not entirely unusual to still feel pretty bagged and appreciative of falling into one's own bed, upon returning home. 

As much as I had been feeling optimistic and excited about some of the projects I was getting back to, I knew from experience that having high expectations of myself wasn't really fair. I could sense this was to help reinforce and support this sentiment... I was getting the point here... but my brain couldn't quite put it into words...

A couple of hours and a grocery break later, it was (almost) as if nothing but a serious tidy session had happened and interestingly, I was feeling a great sense of accomplishment. About the fact that it was finished (clearly), but also regarding how I had handled the situation in general. I noticed how both my internal and external reactions would have been very different in the past. At no point had I felt overwhelmed or particularly frustrated, despite the fact that I was exhausted and this was the last thing that I wanted to tackle at that time...

... and this was something, I found myself feeling pretty darn good about:)

Our darlin Jessy girl had spent the two weeks we were away with our dear friend Lois. We knew she had been having a great time but were anxious to see her, so once things were situated I headed out to pick her up. Sitting down for a short visit with Lois and her friend I told them the story. I commented how I had been searching for the lesson in it all... that I knew it was there but even as I told the story I still couldn't quite articulate it.

Mucho love light and gratitude to my dear friend as she put it perfectly...

THAT WAS EXACTLY IT. We know we are amazing multitaskers, as not only mother's, but as women in general. It's in our DNA. How often I find myself trying to make dinner, unload the dishwasher, amuse or feed children, change a bum, return a phone call, change over the laundry, write a blog post, research a topic, edit photographs,.. anything and everything, expecting to be able to get it all done and somehow do it mindfully??? 

Nope, not so much. 

I'm doing my best these days... to take on one task at a time as much as possible... and wouldn't you know it...

I'm feeling like I'm getting more done. 

Just saying. You know, in case you were interested in trying this for yourself if applicable :)

Oh and also in case you tend to store you balsamic vinegar in a place that could possibly become very warm (like a pantry with no a/c while you are away on vacation during a heat wave), causing it to ferment and expand and explode. According to hubby who discovered this information on google post incident, we are not the first people this has happened to and though it's unlikely we will be the last, perhaps if nothing else, this post will save you the shock of such a discovery...

... but then again, maybe you'd discover your own lesson in it now wouldn't you ??? ;)

Have an similar experience you'd like to share?? We'd love to hear it!

No giant food messes required ;)  

Hope you're having a beautiful day, wherever you are!



Tuesday, 12 August 2014

timeless change

So we're back from our east coast travels and settling back into everyday life. All in all, it was a great trip. Visiting friends and family, hanging at the beach and the in laws pool, watching the kiddos live and love it up with their grandparents, introducing west coast friends to east coast life, bouncing around from here to there, all the while doing our best to fit everything in and be as present as possible in each and every moment. Nonetheless, as always, the two weeks blew by in what felt like an instant.. and as always, even though we were sad to say "goodbye for now", it is nice to be getting back into our routine.

Despite my increasing ability to leave any expectations behind as we embark on any adventure, I had toted along my laptop just in case I had some quiet time to blog. A little pointless as I drafted this on my phone. I also tend to take a vacay from anything that finds me in front of a screen, disconnected from the people with whom I have so little time to spend day to day. Even when the boys are occupied with others I just feel as though I want to  REALLY BE there to soak it all in. After all they are only little for this oh so teeny window of time...

Nonetheless I had one particular experience I really wanted to share while it was relatively fresh...

One evening I went to a yoga class. In all honesty the fact there is a studio with such a diverse class schedule in this tiny hometown of mine, kind of blows my mind. It shouldn't really, not only is yoga everywhere, but pei itself is the perfect place for such a thing to flourish. Peaceful and beautiful and holding such a big place in my heart, I have long dreamt of holding retreats here, even before I began teaching. 

The studio space is small and bright, located in a historical building in the heart of "town" over the visitors Center. I enter and pay the lovely lady at the door the ten dollars for the class. The schedule indicates a couple will be instructing. My mother in law had given me the low down since of course, she knew who they were. A small boy in the corner on a green yoga mat watches people as the enter the room. I smile at the thought of my boys ever being in a yoga class with a bunch of adults. I am guessing he is the grandchild of the couple who are teaching. The man who will in fact lead the class approaches me as a new face as I roll out my mat, asking me if I am a visitor or local. I tell him I am both, explaining I grew up there but am just back visiting. He asks me my last name, he knows my dad... He asks what I do out west.. I tell him I am a yoga teacher, but mostly a mom:)

The class begins with a moment of gratitude, something I begin the classes I lead with as well. First thoughts are for all my boys, my family, my health. He is thankful for us being there. Apparently class attendance has been a little sparse with the beautiful beaching weather. Those who have been benefiting from this (recieving a few semi private sessions as a result) are not complaining:) Nor is the teacher, this being his first little crack of the class. Throughout he makes jokes and we all laugh. I love a funny teacher and recall how grateful I am when my students laugh at (most) of my own corny jokes during my classes. As we move through the practice I take note of the many thing I enjoy and will very likely incorporate into my own teaching/practice in my own way. Not having much opportunity to attend live classes where I live I soak up all I can when I do get the chance. 

At the end of class he comments that when there is another teacher in class you (as the teacher) "aren't sure whether to go to the bathroom of just get on with it", casually welcoming me as a fellow teacher and thanking me for my presence. Normally this might make me a little uncomfortable, yet today I find this funny, especially when the beautiful sixty something lady with the awesomely wild hair who had been practicing next to me comments that she is relieved to hear, telling me I made it all look so effortless...

I assure her, it was not.

I take this opportunity to tell the group how grateful I am to be able to practice here with them. That this is a special and rare opportunity for me. I also feel compelled to comment on how much I enjoyed the jellyfish reference as we entered our closing savasana. I realize this is unlikely to pack the same punch back on the prairie, as jellyfish are obviously not exactly something people are familiar with... although I suppose the name in itself could get the point across:)

Finding the young boy suddenly standing beside me, leaned up against the post I was practicing beside, I tell him (and whom I had pegged correctly as the grandson, six years of age) how impressed I am with his practice. Convo with his gram and himself reveal his preschool had been where his practice had actually begun and that he had been known to insist on getting out if his stroller to bust out some yoga moves when he was younger.  I chit chat with a few of the seven or eight students as we put our props away, a couple of them (probably overhearing my conversation with the teacher at the beginning of class), ask if I am so and so's daughter and if I am one of the twins.. I tell them nope, I am the oldest... I get that a lot as it's "the twins" most remember for obvious reasons. My sisters are nine years younger so I am cool with that :) 

On the way out I find myself once again in conversation with the lady who had practiced beside me...

During our short conversation she says she finds it strange how the more she practices, the more challenging it somehow seems...

I assure her this means she is doing it right :)

She tells me she feels so much better when she practices.... Better in every way... Even in ways she cannot explain. She will turn 65 this week and she says that when she practices yoga she feels as though she does not age...

"Well that is because yoga brings out that part of you that is ageless." I hear myself say.

"That is such a wonderful way to put it." she responds. "I will remember that."

We are at our vehicles, parked beside each other in the parking lot. We exchange goodbyes and blessings. As I drive away I am so very grateful for this encounter. I marvel at how the seemingly simplest of conversations with seemingly random people can have such a profound impact. I feel as calm (on this particular eve) as the sea aside which this tiny hometown of mine is nestled. Deeply connected, yet completely free. 

Namaste friends.


Monday, 11 August 2014

monday mommi mantra // room to grow

First off, my apologies for the wee hiatus. We are just back from our pei summer holiday and as always it was lovely and extremely busy, with lots and lots of people to see. I had high hopes of getting a post or two up given I would have some help, in particular from the grandparents whom the kiddos had a blast hanging with, however that time was filled with some just hanging of our own for the most part. I suppose that is what vacay is suppose to be all about. Part of me also feels compelled to stay truer than true to the idea of a "break" and stay away from gadget screens as much as possible anyway. 

After all, these are pretty precious moments we get to spend with our family whom we rarely get to see so it only seems appropriate to be as present as possible during this time.

We returned home on Saturday. It was a pretty ok day of travel despite our 3:30 am wakeup call and a very bouncy Wylie who made for a pretty decent workout for the almost four hour back half of our airborne travels. Thankfully Foster (who rarely sleeps in any type of transit) decided he would sleep for the ENTIRE duration of Wylie's partying. THANK YOU ANGELS for that :)

Leaving your home for a couple of weeks, there is always a good chance it will not be quite how you left it. Some serious heat did a serious number on our grass however the garden held up pretty well thanks to some dutiful watering from our wonderful neighbours. In fact it was pretty amazing how much some of the plants had flourished while we were gone. 

Gardening has been an endless source of inspiration for me on many levels this year. I have had intended to share more of these "garden ponders" here but alas... I guess I was gardening... haha... or trying to keep tabs on the kid that can unlock one of our doors and just let himself out to wander on a whim (we should probably fix that). Anyway as I pulled weeds during my homecoming visit I got thinking about how I might rearrange things now that I could see what had established itself well, the colours that had appeared etc. While I was happy with what I had planted, I'm realizing that gardening in itself is truly an art, a process, always changing and ever evolving. It may not look exactly as I would like it too right now but I HAD BEGUN and my attempt, while perhaps not one hundred percent successful (as things rarely are), it was a great start AND a success nonetheless. Perhaps what was far more important that the success was what I had learned during my gardening adventures so far and even more so was the realization...

I had taken the time to figure out what would grow, selected plants based on what I felt drawn too, planted them with love and nourished them as best I could. Some grew like crazy and took up a lot of space, sometimes too much. Some didn't fare so well, even being the same variety as the ones that did, yet planted in a slightly different spot (and by slightly I mean in an identical bed just a few feet away.... very strange).  Some grew taller than expected, bloomed longer or not at all, some I had written off from my attempts last year (I had decided to start from scratch this year) but appeared out of no where, including outside of the beds themselves. Some I had written off shortly after I planted them yet suddenly flourished. 

Let's just say, things are getting on, but on their own terms it seems and let's just say, this is all in pretty decent alignment with what goes on throughout our lives...

Well mine anyways :)

The bit of vine in the pic above was one of those things I had written off. During my plant shopping I had picked up a beautiful rose, intended to pot it which I did. I had tucked in some vine and a bit of sage and rosemary just because, maybe not the best idea.. as the rose didn't live that long, however it was the vine that started to die off first. 

As the rose faded I noticed the vine starting to come back. I took said pic a week or two before we left and now the vine and herbs (which also hadn't been looking so hot) are thriving. The rose, not so much. I have since learned that roses probably are sometimes best off in their own space... fair enough, I guess the fact that they have all those thorns could be an indicator that they prefer to be left alone.

I sure did love it while it was around though... here's a couple of pics of the first couple of blooms..

... and a couple of pics of the last.

Grasshopper friend sure seemed to enjoy em... and having his/her pic taken :)

I just happened upon this recent blog post by "mama in bloom" yesterday which I LOVED SO MUCH (as I do the name of the blog itself).... incidentally it is a pretty perfect follow up to this theme as it spills over into the trials and tribulations of parenting, in particular the early years. I'll let you check it out for yourselves if you're interested. Much thanks to Tania and her beautiful and inspiring fam :)

Up and coming here this week... some wise words from a wonderful stranger I met in a yoga class back in my little ol hometown, more garden shots and some more fun trip pics. There is already one "just beachy" post up on luv snaps if you're into it :)

Till then,

have a beautiful day friends. 

don't forget to bloom ;)

mucho luv,


Monday, 21 July 2014

monday mommi mantra // be still

It probably comes as no surprise that being still is exceptionally tough for me these days, despite my knowing just how much easier life seems when I make the time. In fact the simple art of finding stillness may just have the ability to have the greatest impact on our well being of just about anything we can do. 

We often think of stillness simply in a physical sense... Staying in one place... Taking a load off from our daily tasks. In a world of constant flux and change we are almost always doing or thinking about doing something. True stillness has not only to do with taking time out from always being on the go but with being able to set that mental to do list aside, to quiet the judgemental voice in our head, to begin to clear and open up that proverbial space, to tune into the flow of the breath and begin feel the subtle energy within that connects us all. When we feel connected to this place we feel more peaceful, more capable, more loving. We feel more at ease because we are moving in greater accordance with that which we are meant to be....

Sounds simple enough doesn't it :)

In this guest post, mama Natalya of Pilates Mommy Workout, gives us some great pointers on getting started on a meditation practice aka stillness (if we haven't already of course!). As I've mentioned, life is pretty nutso these days and finding time has been exceptionally challenging. On Friday I may have mentioned that I had formulated the plan of getting up before the kiddos to fit a little uninterrupted yoga and meditation in which being a good idea in theory,  yet as week one with this idea came to a close, the plan was yet to have been implemented.

Well friends, I am tremendously happy to report that this morning I DID IT!!! *high fives!!!* It may not have been the most energetic practice or deepest meditation of all times but it HAPPENED and now it is just shortly after 9 am and I am here writing this bringing me to my little ol list (in just a moment and in no particular order) of fabulous things that you just mind notice happening when you take the time to BE STILL...

... but first a quickie HOW TO REVIEW

1. Find a comfortable seat, lie down or just stop and BE where you are (i.e. waiting in line, sitting in traffic/on transit, feeding a baby...) Sure a quiet place free of distractions is best but that is not always possible...

2. Tune into your breath. don't try to change it, just pay attention to how it feels.

3. Witness your thoughts as they come and go and try not to judge (that just makes way for more distracting thoughts and rarely positive ones!). Simply "label" the thoughts as they come as "thinking" and once you have acknowledged them, gently let 'em go, just imagining them drifting away as you return to paying attention to your breathing.

4. Feel free to add a simply mantra to help you focus and draw on the positive and peaceful energy found within. (i.e. "be still", "just breathe", "I am enough", "I am peaceful and loving", I am patient and kind")

5. Do this for as long as and as often as you can! 

.... and btw.. you absolutely positively CAN DO THIS. It's as simple as believing you can AND making the choice to JUST TRY. 

Remember, there is no real right or wrong here, however if you follow these guidelines as best you can in a context that works for you, there a few pretty stellar perks you may just experience.... :)

1. An increase in productivity. Seriously, while taking time out may seem like something you don't have time for, I can pretty much guarantee you will get more done outside of that time... don't believe me? I guess you'll have to give it a go and see for yourself. 

2. An increase in patience. haha, ok I will be totally honest, while this is the absolute truth there is a reasonable chance (especially as a mommi or anyone who finds themselves short on patience in general for whatever reason) that you may have to throw in a moment here and there... a kind of mindful mommi maintenance program so to speak. Think of it as a daily (preferably) tune or fuel up that needs a little tweak or top up throughout the day. Mini moments of stillness can have amazing benefits as well however the ability to carve out at least ten minutes at a time can make a world of difference. First thing in the morning and/or last thing at night are optimal but as we know from this post, the most important thing to do is WHAT WE CAN. The thing is when we take the time to be still we will also experience..

3.  An increase in our ability to love (including what we do ;)). Undoubtably this practice will help us to be more loving and compassionate towards ourselves and others. The reason for this is simple. In stillness we connect to our truth, the pure loving energy that sustains us and everything in the universe. It's like opening a portal to infinite love that in turn will pour through us and out into the world. Pretty snazzy stuff isn't it?

4. An increase in our ability to connect to our purpose aka an increase in clairity. In finding stillness we are better able separate what is really important from what isn't so much. It's easy to find our mind cluttered with what seems like absolute madness by times. We struggle to sift through it all, to prioritize and purge what we don't need. Finding stillness allows us to quiet the insanity and hear the wee whisper of our true voice within. When we are able to quiet the noise and make the space to listen we often naturally begin to live in alignment with this purpose and find ourselves experiencing...

5. An increase in our overall level of peace & happiness. When we feel happier we also feel more peaceful and content with what is and seriously, whether we admit it or not, all anyone really wants in this life is to be happy not to mention the fact that happiness is contagious!

"Wisdom comes from the ability to be still. Just look and just listen. No more is needed. Being still, looking and listening, activates the non-conceptual intelligence within you. Let stillness direct your words and actions."

~Eckhart Tolle

Any questions, tips or tricks welcome friends! 

Hope you're having a beautiful Monday! 

till next time. 

be still and shine bright!


Friday, 18 July 2014

Fun Fashion Friday // The Evidence.

Another week gonzo... no complaints... who want to hear them anyway? haha... seriously though I'm not going to lie. Even if I try to accomplish absolutely nothing in a day aside of taking care of the kiddos, I still feel challenged. I know we always hear about how tough toddlers can be but seriously...


Nonetheless, these boys are pretty fab as is our Jessy girl despite the fact that EVERYONE feels the need to follow mom to the bathroom 89% of the time...

seriously though.... also not a lie.

At the beginning of this week I had come to grips with the fact that if I was to get anything done (keeping in mind that the bare necessities were plenty if that was how the day rolled out) I had one or both options..

get up before Foster in the morning (no small task) when hubby went to work and/or be staying up later at night. As far as the rise and shine time in question... we're talking around 5 30 am which SHOULD give me a couple of hours to fit in a practice/meditation and a bit of creative biz time and really is totally the time I need to be doing this stuff. By the evenings I am totally bagged, ready to wind down and sometimes marvel at how I even got through the day.

So I had decided, mornings it would be.

Now I know you are just DYING to know how it went...

Well friends, let me tell you. It is Friday, and there were ZERO days this happened this week for a mirad of reasons including middle of the night needs and wanderings, very early rises from F and plain old having a tough time implementing a new habit that was going to TAKE AWAY from sleeping time.

One thing I did manage to stick with was the Monday Mantra. By times I found myself wondering if that mantra was giving me an excuse to "slack off" however all things considered, I have to say the week was actually quite productive.

You see I've realized something lately with the help of some wise person's blog post I cannot for the life of me find again to properly credit....

There is great benefit to actually taking the time to review what you HAVE accomplished rather than worrying about that which you have not.

This, my friends, is the idea behind the "evidence board" and as I mentioned, not something I can take credit for however indeed something I have to give enormous credit to, in allowing me to reflect on this week in a positive light.

I had stumbled upon this brilliant idea through Jodi Chapman's Soulful shoutout emails (and therefor should be able to track this back appropriately at some point... as usual I ask you to bear with me!).

Most of us have heard of the idea of a "vision board" and how useful they can be in helping us realize and manifest our dreams. This idea of an "evidence board" works with the simple concept of revealing and reviewing our accomplishments.

I've in no way got the time to actually MAKE a board right now as the fact that I am even writing this is a bit of a miracle. Instead I would like to share some of this week's highlights..

Monday - we made it through Monday... haha... actually Monday I may not have gotten up at 5:30 however I did make a point to get on my mat while the boys were eating breakfast (read:contained) AND I did it EVERY DAY THIS WEEK.

In the words of Leonie Dawson on the "Double your biz" Q&A call I also managed to start listening too on this fabulous FRIDAY... 


On Tuesday I had my third round at the chiropractor in an effort to get a handle on some annoying back and shoulder pain I've been having, mainly from dragging around a couple of crazies and as the doc pointed out, quite likely somewhat stress induced as well and rounded out by the fact that I've totally been neglecting any regular fitness routine. Funnily enough I never thought I was stressed out until he asked me about my stress level and I stopped to consider my days of clinging to my sanity for dear life...

ya, you know, now that you mention it... perhaps just a pinch of stress.

I have to say, Dr. Troy is pretty fabulous.  We agreed after a third round of adjustments, active release and laser therapy that the fact that I was still having the same stuff going on was undoubtably because I really hadn't changed anything I was doing day to day. He taped the affected areas for support and postural awareness and I have been getting back to some of my basics from my trainer days.

While the treatments themselves were certainly beneficial, it was really the realization/reminder that I needed to take it easy on some things (i.e. carrying my kids around) and amp up some things (i.e. postural awareness & strength). One other convenient perk and very exciting development is that hubby (who has been seeing the same practitioner) needs the same type of stuff AND had decided he was finally ready to give some yoga a go...

...and wouldn't you know it, he is ridiculously good at it. seriously. again, NOT A WORD OF A LIE. Go figure, I married a yogi in disguise ;)

I also took a wee me time after that Tuesday appointment... an hour in a coffee shop where I started drafting a post about my garden..  aside of taking care of the kiddos in the am, paying our flower gardens a little visit with a morning drink has been a pretty standard part of the day. I could go on and on about all the lovely little lessons my garden has taught me...

... however like I said, that is another post :)

Wednesday I managed a little s/m time on instagram and twitter (as if I can't find time for social media most days! haha). This might seem a little inconsequential or even a waste of time, however considering that it is something I need to work on fitting in if I ever am to make a go of my creative business (in process), it is kind of a biggie. I absolutely count this as evidence even if none of what I did was actually related to the business directly...

... it is also a good reminder that the next time I DO find/make time for this, it SHOULD be directly related to the business. 

In the meantime.. EVIDENCE that Studio Santosha is indeed IN PROGRESS. Offical tour coming soon!

Thursday Wylie and I headed to "the city" for his second visit with our naturopath (the ONLY true naturopath within a two hour drive radius basically which seems a little crazy) who also happens to be awesome. We have had great results from a first round of remedies for his eczema. If you know us well you have heard me harp about how terrible it was and I can honestly say he is better than 80% better most days and any extra flare up clears up quickly. The approach is to heal/strengthen the gut, assist in cleansing the liver with natural medicinal compounds along with probiotics and fish oil (vitamin D).

Topically I stopped any lotions creams except for coconut oil, shea butter and the HONEST COMPANY'S all natural HEALING BALM (which totally is the bomb btw). Once I got looking at the ingredient lists on some of the top brands of "eczema" creams, I realized that if I suspected any food intolerances (in particular gluten in our case), most of them could quite possibly be making things worse. I also started giving him some decaf green tea in his milk, a tip from a friend who suffers from eczema herself and find this little trick very helpful. Anyway, all in all things are looking WAY up in that department which is fab since it was really taking up a lot of mommi time and energy worrying about.

Anyway, Wylie and I had a few errands to run and of course ended up at mom's fave, "Winners" for a "let's see what goodies we might find" stop. A note to our American friends, this would be the equivalent to your tj max/marshals kind of bag :)

This mommi really love the thrill of the hunt and finding a good deal. I seriously can't pass a winners up without a peek and I pretty much always find something fab. Lucky for me, mr. Wylie also loves shopping with mom (for the time being anyway) and is delighted to take in the sights and offer mom his opinion in the change room. Seriously he was the best kid yesterday, in and out of the car and carts all day long, just content to be along for the ride and eat his snacks.

A nice break from the norm I have to admit. It's kind of lovely to go without a tantrum for the better part of the day. We missed Fin our own way of course, however he was more than happy to head to our angel Denise's for some major playtime while we were out on our little adventure.

Let's just say, we all had a great day :)

So now here we are, it is Friday. Somehow I have been able to write this and I'm not about to push my luck. The kids are fine, the flowers were watered while I got a start on listening to the aforementioned Leonie Dawson double your creative biz Q&A. Come to think of it I can probably thank her for this post as every time I connect with her and her course on any level I get something done in that general department :)

THANKS LEONIE! (more about Leonie and her amazing life changing program in this post...)

Anyways, a few fun pics in the spirit of our FUN FASHION FRIDAY theme which we may more fittingly call FAB FIND FRIDAY in this case.

Mom happened to snag Foster some killer kicks which he INSISTED putting on himself with ZERO help from his pesky mom..

Mom whooped it up and wore a GOOD DRESS (haha) for the day out. Sorry for the less than stellar pics btw... hastily snapped as after thoughts while trying to do several other things of course...

The dress is an express snag from our trip to Florida this winter and is such a perfect fit and so comfy plus it has POCKETS! A perfect bbq dress as my bff who was with me at time of purchase and bought the same one calls it ;) right K?? 

yup even Jessy girl was excited about it :) OR maybe she was excited to see us home.... either way, it is always nice to get a warm welcome.

did I mention this guy was the best shopping buddy ever??

he even helped mom pick out a little something... a super duper cute and comfy romper...

have I mentioned I am obsessed with rompers??...

... and that I really have to find some better light for these shots.

A task for another day at this point because I almost forgot, it's DATE NIGHT!

how about that ??? 

yes yes, ntb (not too bad) a life round these parts when you take the time to review the evidence ;)

happy Friday friends,

hope it's a dandy!

love and light!


Monday, 14 July 2014

Monday mommi mantra // do what you can

Some days I wonder how the weeks can fly by so impossibly quickly. The last few weeks in particular have felt so crazy... Read... My kids have seemed exceptionally crazy. It seems they have decided to take a run at filling up every single moment with keeping mommi busy. Multiple times a day I find myself in absolute amazement at just how busy life really is and how I still expect to be getting anything else done. Multiple times a day I find myself completely losing my mind and wondering is it will ever return. Nonetheless I have been doing a reasonable job at keeping myself in check... With so much to be grateful for and so much inspiration in my life, there is little to warrant complaint. 

Considering that my to do list outside of being a mommi includes a pile of creative and logistic work on Studio Santosha (hey at least it is open... Haha, that only took a year or so...), putting the finishing touches on a children's book I am publishing (a longtime dream and extremely exciting), figuring out a way to blog more consistently (the theme day thing at least is getting me to it on Mondays it seems:)) along with promoting and revamping it in general, developing a mindful mommi living e-course, keeping up with the gardening, and finally carving out the time for yoga, meditation and reiki practices. Truthfully the later should really be topping the list since this is what keeps me balanced and (relatively) sane:)). I also know that this is what will ultimately keep me in a space where I may just manage to getter dun... 

Even if it's one little smidgebit at a time:)

And so as we start another wonder filled week, I invite you to join me in keeping these words in mind... (Should the resonate with you of course!)

...and most importantly...

Because as we all know, love will absolutely positively, save the day:)

And so as I am summoned once again to pry the dinky cars out through a tonka truck windshield, I am elated to have managed this post in one sitting AND before Monday is over (the phone reminder of which I have actually just changed to Sunday nights.. Haha... Look at me go!). I am also indebted to my angels who have somehow kept Foster occupied while Wylie naps giving me this rare bit of time to ultimately write myself, and you all, this much needed little love note...

One quick favour to ask of you all friends.. As noted on my to do list, finding the time on social media to get these posts "out there" is a little challenging, so I immensely appreciate any type is sharesies. Please help me spread the love to anyone who might need a little and I will do my very best to do what I can to keep it coming:) 

In love and gratitude,


Monday, 7 July 2014

Monday mommi mantra // bloom where your planted baby

"Bloom where you're planted" was actually my yogi mommi tag line where I first started this blog. I had seen the quote on the entrance way well of a family members house and it just planted itself in my mind. Everyday for the longest time, over and over... 

I changed it to mindful musings in an effort to convey the intention a bit better however as I find myself blissfully obsessed with gardening, and on kind reminder from a BFF (thanks Haley baley!) I find it back on repeat.

And I couldn't be happier.
or more grateful.

Studio Santosha was born out of this idea. It has been in my minds eye for such a long time it seems, and as it slowly but surely comes together, I find myself in awe of the journey that places me here... Living each and every moment witnessing all that I can imagine as a dream life, coming true:) It's not secret around here that I struggle day to day with the fact that there is only so much time to go around. To make the very most of it, to enjoy and love and laugh, to listen to your inner voice and feel the purpose in your heart. That is all anyone can do, is all anyone needs to do. 

And so I get done what I get done and the rest will happen when the time is right..

It's been quite busy and very productive around here all in all and I have so much to share with you all.. so stay tuned:)

Namaste beautiful friends.