Wednesday, 14 January 2015


yesterday i cried.

well actually, i cried several times. i think most mamas know those days. the ones where you are pretty sure there is no possible way you are going to make it though that day, let along the weeks, months and years to come. the days where even if you are the "every challenge is an opportunity to marvellous growth" believer type, you wonder how the hell anyone could deal with the emotions that incessant whining, fighting and resisting every single thing you just wish they would do so that you didn't have to expend so much energy on what should be the simplest tasks.... bring out. what is the deal with whining anyway? how its it that it makes us feel like our heads might blow off within a matter of seconds. i beat myself up about this all the time. the lack of control i have over myself, especially when i am overtired or just over it in general and it starts... i teach yoga for heavens sake... (says that delightfully judgemental voice in my head). i practice (or rather, know how to...) all kinds of breathing techniques and postures that are suppose to help you keep your cool. i try to mediate a few minutes here and there. i do my best. i should have a handle on this. there is nothing that makes me dislike myself more, than finding myself in a screaming match with my three year old... only to have him turn around and scream at his little brother. it's clear where it is coming from and it's also clear who is SUPPOSE to be the adult here...

the second time i cried we were in the garage where our coat closet is... trying to get dressed to go outside because heaven knew we needed it. it's been ridiculously cold around here and we've had a bit of a flu. being trapped at home is no good for anyone. finally at least it was a beautiful day to be outside. at this point it was as if no matter what i tried, no one was happy, no one was on board, and they were doing everything to make it as difficult as possible for anything remotely fun and pleasant to happen. of course my own attitude at this point was not helpful. it had been a rough week with a lot of tension. i was so tired of arguing and mostly, of yelling. like seriously, i was in crazy lunatic mom mode by this point.

and i was hating myself for it.

so i sat on the closet floor right there in front of them.

and i cried.

and they noticed.
and they stopped.
and f said oh so gently and earnestly..

"you're ok mom. it's going to be ok."

and in that moment, even though experience had taught me he was absolutely right. even though i was in awe in of how my heart could almost burst with love even in that desperate moment, i could still somehow, not comprehend ever not feeling this way. it was just one of those days where all you want to do, all you need, is to love  but it feels like something in the way and you can't make it disappear because you don't know what is it...

*sigh*, yes indeed, it was the kind of day week i could really have used some help.

last night i taught the first yoga class of our first session of 2015. for the last few years, when i have not been on a "mat leave" (haha, no pun intended) or in the depths of the summer months when most fitness classes in our small town wind down, i teach one yoga class a week in a rented space at a local hotel. i cherish this class for many reasons including the fact that it get's me out of the house on tuesday nights for a couple of hours ;) i love the people who show up for themselves. even if it's a one time drop in. i am deeply humbled to be given such a beautiful gift as the opportunity to guide people through such a potentially life changing practice. the possibilities of what there is to learn on and take off the mat are truly limitless and i know this from experience.

i have had the mind to expand upon these reasons here on this blog, oh so many times. i have also had the mind to post supplementary video for those people i only get to see for their yoga once a week, and anyone who is interested, many times. in fact i have had the mind to post oh so many things to the end of how to live a healthy happy mindful life on pretty much a daily basis (yes even the ones i am losing my mind..;). 

the days i manage to do these things i speak of for myself, are always the best, the happiest, the most peaceful and productive. there are so many things that i know work so very well for me and undoubtably would for others. the fact is, my life's path has placed me exactly where i am, and my flow has brought me an incredibly amount of knowledge. that knowledge happens to be how to be healthier and happier through mindful living. my father is a doctor and my mom was a nurse (before she did the SAHM thing with the five of us of which i am the oldest), it's been and oddly long time realizing just how firmly printed in my blueprint what i feel so compelled to do actually is. it makes such perfect sense, it seems it should all just flow so easily.

the thing is, i don't get to go out to that part of my "job" every day. i don't get the space to share it in the structured manner my mind insists i should. i have chosen to be at home and that is an amazing gift and privilege but it doesn't make the rest of my sense of purpose disappear. when i left my "career" to become a mom i figured i would go about going what i had been doing in my "spare" time (bahahahahaha) here on my blog.

only it never quite worked out that way.
well at least not in the way i had imagined.

being a mama is one of those things where it is very easy to lose yourself. always always always, everyone else will come first. we try to make space. god knows i try. i even succeed sometimes i think... well i suppose the fact that i have a blog at all and that i get out to teach once a week, is evidence enough :) the problem i come up against is that this space, that really does mean so much to me, up to this point, has pretty much always come last. let's face it. time may be an "illusion" but there still seem to be only so many hours in the day and man oh man, there is a lot to be done and a WHOLE lot of distraction within those hours. it can feel really REALLY difficult, to find a little bit of space for yourself in it all period. day after day i tell myself i will "do that this evening when everyone is in bed", and day after day, i find myself instead, falling into bed, vowing that i will start getting up before everyone instead because by the time night falls, i am just too tired...

last night i came home after class and started to make my way to bed. w woke with some teething  troubles and it was midnight (gasp!) before i got there. when f rolled into my room at six am panic set in as the particularly stressful bits of the previous few days, played over in my head. in my mind there was no way i could handle an extra two hours of day with him. he doesn't nap anymore unless he is sick or completely exhausted, and the rare occasion he does usually makes for a very late night the following. i took him back to bed and lay with him while he fidgeted, tossed and turned. i truly had little hope he would fall back asleep. after about a half hour or so i left him awake and went back to bed. i curled up in a ball and waited to hear his little footsteps. while i did i found myself praying...

now while i can definitely say i am an extremely spiritual person, it occurred to me at this point that i rarely sit an pray and ask for anything for myself. i ask my angels to help me guide others through their practice, i ask them to help me be more patient and level headed so that i can be a better mom and wife. i even ask them to help me with my "business", which itself has always been driven by the idea that i have had such an abundant life, i really want to be able to give back somehow. i ask for things to help me help others but for me, just for me, in this way, not so much.

in those moments what i was asking for, felt very different. i felt myself reaching out in a desperation that felt very new and raw and emotionally charged. in a way i could feel myself falling and i was praying for some to just reach out catch me. to lift me back up to a place where i could feel as if i would be ok again as opposed to fast tracked to the looney bin. i am not sure i could even put into words what my heart was asking for other than...


a cool wave of calm washed through me and all around me. it was palpable. i felt it. every part of me suddenly perfectly relaxed and still. i work with my energetic self through reiki and various energy healing modalities on a daily basis and am familiar with the sensations associated with that practice, but this was very different. as i lay there in my cocoon of stillness, i fell asleep. when f wandered into my room the next time it was 9:30. w had slept that long as well. i felt calm and rested and as far as these days go, very refreshed. not at all as i would normally after being up early and falling back asleep for almost three hours. that kind of sleeping pattern normally leaves me feeling groggy and cranky. we got up and everyone was happy, ate every bite of breakfast without a complaint and all in all. we ran errands, had some outside time, a play dough party while w napped, took f to his skating lessons and all in all, had a pretty great day.

and would you believe it. there was virtually no yelling.

last night as i climbed into bed, i had placed a piece of angelite beside my bed with the intention of using it during a bit of reiki in an effort to help the sore throat i had had for days. i really REALLY will tell you all about my journey with reiki in 2014 (which is to be continued in 2015 very soon..), in another post but have linked more info here in case you are interested or just confused ;)

basically reiki works with life force energy aka universal energy, to balance and cleanse the energy systems of the body, known as the chakra system. think of the chakra system as the intersections between what we might call "heaven" and "earth", through which the energy which sustains us as living beings, flows. within the physical body there are seven of these chakras. the "health" of each chakra affects how we relate and respond to the world around us, as well as our physical health. these chakras are also where the energy of our experiences is held which tends to affect how they function. with regards to balancing and cleansing them, they respond to several things, including different types of  crystals and essential oils (two of my current obsessions).  basically, in this case, on a physical level, by working with my throat chakra, i was hoping help to alleviate the pain of a sore throat as well as to heal it faster. i am currently also learning how to use these crystals aka semi precious stones (like those stones i use to make my jewerly), to assist in this process. angelite is one of those crystals that works with several chakras including the throat. it also so happens, is used to help us connect with our angels and spirit guides.  when i made the connection that i had happened to have that close by and with the intention to use it (as i had never really before) during my what i can only describe as a "healing" experience this morning, it was a pretty neat "coincidence". :)

now i understand this may all seem a little out there for some. if you are reading this and you are one of those people that now thinks i'm really a nut job ;) no worries, but if you find this stuff intriguing at all, let me tell you, i may have cried yesterday, but i believe in my heart that my angels heard me and they answered my prayers and my belief in this stuff goes way WAY beyond a rough day at the office.

we'll get to more that around here eventually, i promise. 

for now it is getting late. as i head to bed tonight i feel much lighter than last. for this, along with this relatively peaceful day, and this beautiful life in general, i could not be more grateful :) but before i go, please let me show you just what a glorious winter day it really was around here today. 

sorry we're missing w in these shots. he was snoozing, but we have some fun ones from yesterday's walk.. the one we did manage despite mama's meltdown, that we'll do our best to share in the next day or so..

here's hoping it's not long until next time friends.

till then, 

don't be afraid to ask for what you need.

many blessings, 


Saturday, 3 January 2015

waterton weekend getaway - part 1

so it's saturday night and here i am in actual peace and quiet, determined to get some of the posts i have in draft a little bit closer to posted ;) wouldn't you know it, i found a couple i had started back in november after a weekend away with the hubby in waterton alberta. a little late perhaps but it was a pretty nice couple of days and getting away with not kids is pretty rare around these parts so even if it's just for myself... i still felt i needed to share.

now if you have ever been to waterton or know anything about this little gem nestled in the mountain, you know it is a busy spot during the summer but in the winter... not so much. seriously though, it really couldn't have been any more quiet or there would have been no where to stay or eat. in fact we stayed at one of two hotels opened in town and enjoyed most of our meals in the cozy restaurant there. other than that, we didn't do a whole lot of anything except take a drive a little bit further into the mountains and of course and hang out...  i even had a NAP! haha. anyway, it was in fact just what we needed and entirely planned by hubby right down to the babysitters.

the purpose of these posts (yes there is a part two) is actually mainly to share some of the photography. the last time we did this drive we had zero kids and were on our way to montana to buy our first boat. that seems like forever ago and yesterday all at once. it's crazy how much life changes with kids.. an obvious statement perhaps, but not something we necessarily think about that often. it's so easy to get caught up in the routine of everyday. going about whatever our roles are... in our case i am at home with the kids and hubby to his work which are often long hours although we are lucky to have him home every night. nonetheless it's pretty darn easy to go for weeks, months, even years without taking the time out to actually "just be" with each other. this was a perfect weekend for that because really, there were very few other people to talk to and there wasn't really anything to do to distract us. 

i am hopeful that we will make a little more effort to do this more often. especially since our kids didn't seem to miss us at all ;)

so as per the photo bomb you are about to experience... part one is of the drive to the mountain. it's crazy to watch the terrain change. i don't think i could ever get tired of the challenge of managing a decent capture of the beauty of the trek from a moving vehicle ;)  

anyway, if you're not into it, no worries but if you want to see just how darn pretty the drive was that day, take a gander!

yesiree... pretty quiet indeed. i would really like to get back with things are actually open. even with nothing happening, it sure was a beautiful spot. nothing wrong with having the whole place to ourselves though!

part two coming soon! 



Tuesday, 30 December 2014

how we kicked HFM disease with essential oils

so allow me to start on the day that i began drafting my last post.. ahem... yes, the one that never got finished. let's just say it's pretty rare i actually sit and write a post from beginning to end. like pretty much never. oh yeah sometimes the words just flow and it's quick and painless (haha...) but often i start to write, or even outline in the moment, or even take a moment or few here and there through out the day and yet...

so many of them just never seem to get finished.

the truth is that i know i don't have to explain myself here. i don't have to make excuses or apologize for being a less than consistent blogger (by the standards i have set for myself of course). only recently have i finally halted the voice in my head that insists that makes me a "bad' one.

i mean come on.

mama life is busy. like really busy.

but i don't need to tell you that either. mama or not. you have probably heard that somewhere before ;)

anyway. can i just start by saying i have the most amazing friends. like really really amazing. near and far. cream of the crop. seriously. it nuts to think that i moved here four years ago and knew no one and now find myself surrounded by the most ridiculously awesome bunch, not to mention those not so close in proximity that i could still call on at any moment and a simple chat would make everything A-ok..

yup, who's a lucky mama...

this gal.

so i was hanging with a couple of these amazing friends a few weeks ago. we were at a play group at the local rec centre watching our kids tear around. well f and his buddy were tearing while w just made the rounds checking things out. one of our friends, who has two little girls under two watches her oldest, whom we are pretty sure is teething, chew on a plastic toy fork across the room. teething little miss is having kind of a hard time adjusting to her four month or so old sister and has been quite the (adorable) cling on to say the least. this mama to these little ladies, i tell you. she is ALL KINDS of amazing.

as we watch her little chomping away she says to me "do you think they clean this stuff?"

i don't even think i paused in my perhaps a touch too honest a reply..


now i did not mean that in any kid of disrespectful or rude way. i just honestly feel that there is a reasonable chance that this giant room full of toys that we will soon start to help jam into the little storage room off the gym will probably not get cleaned in a manner that would find sometime riffling through that giant bin of toy dishes etc and actually clean that little pink plastic fork... listen, i don't blame them. that would take forever.

at this point i also need to note that i actually in no way believe the incidents coming up in this story are linked to this conversation. but i have little choice but to appreciate the irony. it's like the one year i got a horrible flu. i rarely get sick so i remember this one. i think it was the only time in my life i ever called in sick to work. i was alone and could barely drag myself out of bed for three days. a few days before i got laid out i am pretty sure i could have been overheared bashing the flu shot for whatever reason i had going on at the time...

oky doky universe. point taken. bashing is bad.

although it was common place for my dad (a family doctor) to pull a flu shot out of the fridge and give me a poke in the arm as i stood in the kitchen, while i was home over thanksgiving or christmas throughout university, i'm not particularly partial to the flu shot (being kind of "granola" as my hubs likes to say), however if in the right place at the right time, have never refused one. the more i learn the more i realize there are other methods of boosting immune function though i won't deny getting a bad flu could possibly change my mind... thus far in my life, i have personally just never seen a difference having one or not but i am also lucky to have a pretty solid immune system to start with.

but back to our story... because i know you are just dying to know what happened next ;)

so friday, we go to fork chewing friend's house for a play date.. (still i don't blame the fork.. for real). she has been running a bit of the temp we have all attributed to the "teething"... 

i can safely say i shall not make this assumption ever again btw...

i feel that i need to note that the three mamas (including myself) involved here are all having some kind of super challenges with our young kids at this time. each are different in specifics yet of course similar in nature. what is also similar is how hard we can be on ourselves about it all.

this is the reason mama's need each other so much. to know that we are all going through the same stuff...

and that we are not the only ones with crazy kids.

oh and that everything will be ok :)

so fork chewing friend, is having a time in general. she is NOT a happy camper. f is trying to console her with toys, she and w end up sharing REALLY well (read : w drank from her super cool princess twirly straw sippy and was LOVING it and they both agreed that all toys f passed their way tasted great.) everyone at one point is having a pretty dandy ol time. sad sally is looking a little more jolly and we are having a nice visit and all very grateful for each other's company.

the next morning i have a text message from mama. a picture of a sad little girl with a mouth surrounded by what look like little very uncomfortable blisters.

"this still teething??"

i text back. "nothing like i have ever seen but maybe...???"

now "patient zero" is a gorgeous little redhead. seriously she is a doll. we have learned however, that redheads are more sensitive to a lot of things so in my mind, i'm thinking this is possible. but i have a funny feeling in my gut...

a few hour later the text. a reasonable diagnosis.

hand foot and mouth disease apparently very common among kids these days however i only have one "experience" with this virus and it was nothing more than my sister in law's little guy having it. all i knew was that when i heard what it was i knew i never wanted to see my kids have it (wishful thinking). i also knew it was VERY contagious.

ok so i know kids get sick. and as i mentioned i know (now) that this in itself is very common but the level of fear that comes through me initially when i think about my kids being ill like this is a little crazy. i mean they aren't going to disappear. they aren't going to be like this forever. they will pull through in a week or so, but holy hell.

i was freaked out. and then i realized why.

seeing you kids in pain, any kind of pain is probably one of the worst things ever. to that end i send all the love and light i can muster to those parents and children with serious illnesses. i cannot even imagine.

the kicker was that the following weekend we had planned to go to the city to a big christmas/anniversary shindig for hubby's work. i had been looking forward to it forever. like ordered a new dress (or two ;) you know to try...), even a new pair of shoes, AND i got my hair cut AND coloured (I DID I DID!!!).

now i was dealing with resisting AND feeling fearful of something that hadn't yet but very likely would happen PLUS having to let go of my attachment to something that also had not happened...

hmmm. tricky.

so here's where i tell you what a do terra essential oil freak i have become. i have used them on my kids to help cut down the duration and lessen the discomforts of colds, earaches and teething however this is (thankfully) the worst thing we've had to deal with to date. i am so incredibly grateful for that fact, and ALSO very grateful we had a heads up on this (as opposed to getting blindsided like our buddies). 

so of course the first thing i did was google essential oils for hand foot mouth disease and immediately found tons of info including accounts of family who had seriously curbed the severity of the symptoms as well the "normal" duration of the illness using essential oils and gathered enough info from the following blogs...

"three remedies for hand foot and mouth disease." from happy money saver

"fight cough flu and even HFMD?" from the doterra blog

"essential oils head to toe: hand, foot and mouth disease." from the brown tribe know i in fact had a leg up on this thing AND that this was going to be an opportunity to see just how much of a difference essential oils could really make.

i deduced a few simple facts from my research..

there are MANY antiviral essential oils, varying in strength with oregano apparently being the bomb in the virus ass kicking department. one i did not have in my tickle trunk at the time but do now;)

no worries there however.. as it turned out i had exactly what i needed. a brand new bottle of doterra "on guard" that had only been cracked the day back at playgroup when i slathered some on all our feet before we left the house last minute.

and so it began. i added it to our standard salve of coconut oil with a touch of sesame and lavender, melaluca and cedarwood that i use on the kids once or twice a day for their eczema. i put it on the bottoms of feet, under armpits and along little spines. i diffused it and diluted it with vinegar and water in a spray bottle and misted and wiped everything i could on their level and then some. 

seriously though. this stuff smells great... like christmas in a bottle a little even. a "protective blend" of wild orange, clove, eucalyptus, cinnamon and rosemary i can honestly say that despite the fact this whole thing was not consuming my days along with the watching and waiting, the smell going on was delightful :)

as i mentioned, my search had turned up quite an assortment of antiviral oils so over the course of this whole thing i actually concocted quite a few antiviral salve blends that smelled great but this was one of my faves...

i generally like to add lavender to anything i use on the kiddos for it's relaxing/calming effect and melaleuca, lemon and eucalyptus are all strong antivirals that we use on a regular basis and great support for the respiratory system which is always good during the sniffly winter months.

and really... sometimes i just go with things. it could possibly also have helped that the colors on the bottles looked so pretty together ;)

oh and btw, a tip for easy mixing, liquify the coconut oil (solid at room temperature) in the microwave or on stovetop and then add the remaining ingredients and mix well. left at room temp it will return to a solid (or semisolid if you use the sesame oil). it can get pretty chilly around here these days.

so with all the slathering, diffusing, spritzing and cleaning... are you anxious to know what happened yet??

well f was the first to show any signs of ickiness. the sunday after the playdate(s) he was lethargic and cranky, falling asleep on the couch late afternoon and sleeping until eight, waking up to have a bath, throwing up a bit and heading to bed for the night back to bed. i had rubbed some diluted doterra digest zen (1-2 drops/1-2 tablespoons carrier oil) on his feet and tummy and that was it for any upset belly. he was up with what felt like a very slight temperature through the night. i didn't give him any advil hoping if the fever was low grade it would help to fight the virus without him being too uncomfortable.

since by now i had learned that peppermint and lavender can helped to relieve fever and upset tummies along with their antiviral properties, i prepared a blend and applied it to the bottoms of the feet, along the spine, under the arms and behind the knees.  wouldn't you know it, it seemed to work well for us and f actually slept through the night.

when we woke the next morning and indication of a fever was gone but he didn't have much of an appetite except for a couple of his favourite foods. over the course of the next day or two he would complain that oranges or orange juice "gave him an owie" so i figured he probably had a few sores in his mouth or throat but never got a good look. within a couple of days he was back to himself...

just in time for wylie to fall... exactly one week after the conversation about the fork:) he was grumpy and tired going down for his nap two hours early and sleeping an hour later. that night he had the fever. while my ear thermometer that i'm pretty sure wasn't working properly said he didn't have one, he was definitely burning up. he was not feeling well at all and when the oils i used for f didn't seem to help him much, he got the advil.

the next morning i fetched my little sad sack and started at his face, searching for any sign. a faint blister on the corner of his mouth.. a few more cropped up and the tiny red dots our friend said were the beginnings began to appear. somewhat strangely as per how the illness "normally"presents, his legs were covered in tiny red dots as were his elbows. he continued to eat and drink with no complaint but was clearly not himself. over the next two days his hands and feet broke out in the telltale tiny blisters but he never expressed that any of it was uncomfortable. i continued to use the salve, apply a stronger dilution to the bottoms of his feet periodically and diffuse a few times a day. by monday his legs and the tiny bit of rash he ended up with on his cheeks are pretty much gone and the few tiny blisters on his fingers and toes are almost gone. basically he was "sick" for less than four days and never had any of pain normally associated with the illness.

now that my friends, makes me want to jump up and down and tell you all about our experience because here's the thing about this not so nice virus among others that i have realized from this experience...

there is no way to avoid this stuff unless you lock yourself in your house and let no one in. no matter what we will be exposed to this stuff and the viruses out there are only going to get nastier. the only thing we can do is our best to live healthy lives and support our defences. we already know we can do this through proper nutrition, excercise and proper hygienic practices but now it is becoming common knowledge that there are other things we can do to protect ourselves and to me, that is pretty exciting stuff and i am really looking forward to learning and sharing a lot more about this topic in general.

and that is all for now, because this post has been in waiting forever so i am actually going to go ahead and post it ;)

whew. that always feels good! 

hope everyone is enjoying these last couple of days of 2014!

blessings and gratitude.


Sunday, 28 December 2014

christmas with the campbell's

hi friends :)

we sure hope this finds everyone enjoying a love and light filled holiday season. it was a pretty chill one for us as we headed to edmonton to spend with the other ow (out west;)) campbell clan couple.
over the last few years and the realization that travelling back east at christmas time is pretty much the worst travel idea ever, both cost and logistic wise, we've created our own tradition of keeping it "ow" for the holidays and taking turns hosting. 

possible the best idea we've ever had since our double wedding day in jamaica three years ago. side note here as i write this...  i am having myself a "you call yourself a blogger??!!" moment as i realize how randomly titled and buried in the archives this post of that day, is. it will definitely get a revamp as yogimommi undergoes some updates in the new year but for now..

i'm not going to say much here (pardon me??... haha) as i think i've summed up the sentiment nicely enough to forgo the ramble. plus as relaxing as the four days we spent with them stuffing ourselves with homemade treats and witnessing some pretty serious bonding time between kiddos and uncle and auntie, it's almost eleven here and i am pretty tuckered. 

i will say that christmas felt pretty special this year. maybe it's how unbelievably grateful i feel for the last year (and my life in general these days), maybe it was the new level of excitement as the kids start to be a little more "into it", maybe it was the new babe on the brew in our host's household, that christmas dinner drew such high praises as being "the best christmas dinner ever... (all auntie on that... i was the sous chef/dishwasher), or maybe it was just the truth, the deep sense of peace and contentment that comes with the realization that you've actually got a pretty solid handle on what the holidays are all about...

not to say that you probably didn't still buy too much stuff for the kids (it's just so much fun!!), but at least hubby and you can agree no present under the tree from each other is a-ok..

man those good ideas.. we're just full of em..  right pumpkin?? ;)

after all, we've already got more than we could ever ask for...

amen to that. 

many blessings.

b & the c's ;)

Thursday, 25 December 2014

from us to you

happy holidays friends! just a quickie post to wish everyone a very happy holiday and new year! i couldn't be more grateful to have had such an amazing 2014. it's truly been a year of finally learning to honour my truth and encouraging others to do the same. while there are big plans around here for 2015 which i am super duper excited about, for now my excitement is a little tied up with the anticipation of christmas morn with the boys as we spend a few days with our "out west" family. we have been creating our own holiday tradition over the last few years with my brother in law and his lovely wife of taking turns hosting and this year we are at their place for some relaxing quality time.

anyway, we hope you are enjoying living in the moment and loving with all your heart wherever you are! thank you so much for being part of this journey... 

much love and many blessings.


on patrol

with big bro being the more challenging of my guys these days, i've realized he's kind of been kind of hogging the spotlight a little bit between here and yogi mommi.  in all honesty, sure life with a tot is a bit of a trial by times (understatement of the century).. of course there are plenty of beautiful moments as well but anyone who has been through the toddler years as parent knows what i mean.

little brother on the other hand, while coming into his own undoubtably, is still the sweet and (almost) always loving little man he has always been. he hasn't gotten to the overly defiant stage and still runs to mom for hugs on a regular basis... and (pretty much) ALWAYS thinks she is funny. 

mom sure appreciates it when her little guys laugh at her...

well most of the time...

i snapped these of wylie just taking things in on a gorgeous saturday a week or two ago (who can keep track, seriously??). he can be pretty crazy when he get's going but also can be found quietly observing.... in this case he was checking out his brother taking a rip on the skidoo with dad around the yard. he didn't seem to miffed to miss out for the time being... after all he did have a pretty sweet ride himself. 

just taking it all in making sure everything is in order here in the backyard mama...

yes bud, an mama sure appreciated it..

and those gorgeous soulful baby blues! 

never grow up please ;)

that goes for everyone!!!


lotsa luv..

b & w.