Saturday, 13 September 2014

just do what yogatta do

as i begin to write this...

i watch him lie face first on the little tykes slide, eyes closed. totally exhausted in the sun.

ten minutes prior...

i find myself in pursuit of nap time... he needs it. yet i know it will be a feeble attempt. this sentiment due to the fact that this is not my first ring around the rodeo in our living room. he runs in circles screaming "NO NO NO" and I don't even chase him because really...

well for starters... i'm over the whole circle chase diddy.

but mostly, i know the fight is not worth it and wouldn't i rather enjoy the sunny warmish day with him outside rather than an hour plus of frustration that experience tells me will be in vain anyway...

go ahead, tell me my attitude is the problem. i'm cool with it ;)

five minutes before that...

books tell me my picky eater is my fault... while he loves peppers (???) he has a list of less than ten items he will regularly eat. most of them are healthy... mainly because his mama is the type to let him believe rice cakes are "cookies"...

i have decided to experiment.. to let go of the fear of failure. he is becoming a fan of "dip"... chicken and potatoes disappeared last night with a little help from a ketchup puddle... or two... maybe... just maybe...

or maybe today i end up eating (in an attempt to demo how AWESOMELY YUMMY it is of course), each end of the slice of honey ham dipped in ketchup and mustard and rolled up with a toothpick that i've presented with a side of that colourful and delicious dippin' stuff... know, to make it more FUN, since the books tell me i have a type one, "fun loving child".

they've got that one right.

i don't even really like ketchup, especially on ham... his problem is clearly NOT the ketchup as the peppers are "SOOOOO GOOD" with it.


a whole new world i have created for his favourite vegetable..


the ham remains on the tray. he has taken out the toothpick and rolled it out flat.

"YOGA!!!" he exclaims, eyes wide and bright, looking to me for my approval.

it takes me a second. "oh yes of course bud, just like when we roll out the mat for yoga."

what can you do... yogatta giggle right?

in this very moment...

he is asleep. my heart smiles at the thought of his sweet though sometimes seemingly sadistic little self and how he has the ability to delight and exhaust me all at once.

i wouldn't have it any other way.

till next time friends...

love lives here.


b & f.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

fun fashion friday // in love with the little red coat

well believe it or not i have done a ton (by my standards anyways) of writing and photography this week.. the thing is I have done a ton of other stuff too (don't ask me what, i can't quite remember...). let's just say if i get a little time to myself to finish up a few things, there is serious possibility of a serious post bombing happening here...

again... by my standards...

but for now.. a little fun fashion friday post.

it's been a few weeks since i've gotten to one of these. truly while they are something i never thought i would do on this blog, they really are always random happenings and truly SO MUCH FUN. as long as i can remember i have always loved fashion (though i probably don't exactly emulate that so much these days...haha). i even went through a pretty solid period where i was sure i was going to go to design school... anyway, given how much i love photography, this type of thing should kind of be a no brainer i suppose. the thing is of course, it's taken a long time for me to be comfortable seeing myself in the picture.

anyway this little backyard photo shoot was truly spontaneous in nature (no pun intended). something i've found myself doing a lot of this week is purging our space (my hubby might beg to differ but it's true!). i happened upon this little coat i have had FOREVER, and threw it on in yet another effort to decide if i really need to hang onto it since it rarely makes an appearance. 

haha... i guess maybe it seems a little "too fancy" for my day to day if you know what i mean. i realize that seems a little ridiculous and i would have to agree as it actually works really well with my current fall wardrobe, in particular with my button up obsession. this is one thing i do actually love about the changing seasons even when it means winter is around the corner... WARDROBE CHANGE! in any event, i think it's safe to say that the welly's make it an acceptable getup for a little "somewhat dreary day backyard hang with a conveniently matching tricycle"...

don't you think?

as most of my favourite wardrobe pieces are, it was a winners snag. i remember i was so excited when i found it as i had been on the hunt for a little trench coat but with a just a little pizazz. i remember thinking we were meant for each other :) i failed to take a good shot of the liner but you can see a bit on the cuff. besides the the obvious fun factor of a RED coat, it has a zebra print lining. 

truthfully, i'm pretty sure i'll end up hanging onto it forever.

speaking of meant for each other... as i was taking the pics i also found myself enjoying some lovely nostalgia, as memories of wandering around my then home of Toronto with him the second (and last) time he came from Alberta to visit me there filtered through my mind. (in case you're just catching up, we were high school sweethearts reunited a dozen years later..). shortly after i officially ditched the big city and followed my heart to live the prairie life with him. now here we are... together in this beautiful place, living this amazing life with our crazy little boys and darlin jessy girl.


hmmm.. come to think of it i am pretty sure the hunter welly's were brand new on the scene then too... the best shoe wear investment i've made to date hands down i must say.

oh and if you're wondering about the rest... the lovely wrinkled (did i really need to point that out?) polkadot chambray by billbong was another sweet winners find AND another "i've been looking for just the right one forever" snag.) and the dark wash skinnies are mavi... nothing special, although on second thought, they are a little bit magical, as i was able to wear them through the first half of my second pregnancy even when my belly popped out the second i knew i was pregnant.

seriously... like sisterhood of the travelling pants magical.

anyhoo.. i suppose that's about it for now :)

coming soon in related posts... my own personal "journey through the selfie".

it's been quite a ride. 

till next time.

do what you love and don't give a hooey (ya.. that's a word) about what anyone else has to say about it.

that is all :)



Monday, 1 September 2014

on a mindful monday // the grateful heart

sure hope everyone has had a great long weekend! we're still keeping it simple around these parts and have had a lovely one ourselves.

having been tagged in an exercise in gratitude on f/b over the weekend I was grateful for the reminder to be grateful and figured why not pass along a little reminder to ya'll... seeing as it's not one we can ever have come our way too often in my humble opinion.

be grateful and you will be happy..

simple enough right ;)

enough said.

you may also like our long weekend post on "luv snaps"!!



Wednesday, 27 August 2014

till the cows come home.

It was a beautiful morn for a little stroll. ok so maybe the intention of the stroll was not initially about enjoying the sights and sounds however we were only a few feet out of the drive before our nature loving selves tuned into the sounds of the crickets and birds on the breeze, the butterflies and the sun shining through the trees. It was the perfect temp for it too... many days are just too flipping hot to be pushing these two in the blistering sun. 

A few days ago it felt as though fall was upon us... I had started making a list of things to love about fall (it really is my favourite time of year around these parts)... cozy sweaters, enjoying a hot beverage comfortably, enjoying a walk comfortably, the changing prairie colours... I am not really ready for summer to be over just yet (nor do I believe it is...) however the reality is the seasons will change... we change... and without change well...

Things can get pretty dull in my humble opinion. 

When it comes to change, we have a choice... and we don't. While we do get to choose how we react, we generally don't get to choose whether or not it happens. The ease of making that choice of how to react, undoubtably depends on what the change is and if it is something we are initially happy about and or in fact wanted (even if we may not realize it at the time...), or if it is something we are resistant too. Human nature finds us often suffering with change as we tend to cling to the past, even when it is something our heart NEEDS to let go of. We also tend to resist what is the change itself. Anytime we grasp or resist we suffer. Anytime we are suffering we struggle to feel comfortable, content and relaxed. We struggle to feel at ease.

It is when we feel at ease, that things start to feel easy. When we are not at ease, the body, mind and spirit are stressed. It is no secret that stress is the cause of much disease...


get it? :)

This also applies to everyday life. Anytime we catch ourselves wishing we were somewhere else, doing something else, with someone else, we are resistant to what is. Anytime we are fearful of losing something, someone, that the "good times won't last" so to speak, we are grasping at something that will eventually change. The only thing we can truly do to assure a happy, relatively easeful life, is to let go of our need for control of what has and will happen. We must learn to let go of the past, find contentment in the now and welcome the future as it unfolds into the present moment. 

This is no small feat. We are not programmed to be this way necessarily. Ok we are not programmed this way at all really. This is the plight of many in human existence. It is finding our way beyond this conditioning that allows us to be free...

...that allows us to just be. 

It starts with finding stillness. In the body and breath and in turn in the mind. The mind is the kind of obnoxious kid in class that can really be a jack ass by times. That kid may be a jerk on the surface, but there is a reason for it, maybe they have a rough family life, have been bullied themselves, don't get enough to eat or enough sleep to function in a reasonable manner. Whatever the reason, that "bully" is not really being itself. It needs and deserves love and compassion just like everyone else. It needs you to approach it with kindness and understanding in order to be silenced in a way that allows you to hear what the teacher is saying.

That teacher is the quiet whisper within. The voice that tells you you are perfect exactly as you are. That shows you there is a whole other world you may not have ever known if it wasn't for your ability to listen and learn... really REALLY listen, because that kid can be a serious chatter box most of the time.

I'll tell you one thing, there is nothing but change happening around here these days. A moment of complete and utter joy dissolving into devastation because under the bathroom sink is NOT a place for playtime. Wanting to go and stay at the same time. Wishing little ones could be little forever and then a second later, that they would just grow up so life would feel less hectic, and then taking it back all in the same moment.

We all know that life is journey. It's easy to get caught up in the idea of there being a destination. A place where we will find happiness if we can just make it there. The thing is every moment is in fact a destination on that journey. Each one flowing into the next with no assurance there is anything more after the very one we are in right now.

I leave you here today with the photo story of our stroll. There is nothing like a bunch of cows in a field staring at you with such interest and awareness to prompt you to turn inward for a gander at yourself...

haha, ok well maybe that's just me:) 

have a beautiful day friends. 

thanks for being.

b & the gang.

Monday, 25 August 2014

on a mindful monday

I find myself craving simplicity these days. things seem easier somehow. i am keeping this short and sweet... for reals folks...

for reals ;) 

at the expense of sounding like a broken record here..

isn't it funny how when you stop trying to do everything...

more seems to get done.

aside of doing my best to lighten up and have more fun,

each day I say to myself...

and all will feel easeful.

that is all:)



Friday, 22 August 2014

fun fitness friday // a mommy & mini workout

Hey friends :)

We sure hope you are having a fabulous Friday! Just wanted to take a minute to share one of our youtube videos that has been in editing for a while and is FINALLY live. We shot this back early in the summer on one of the few days I actually kinda sorta had a bit of a backyard workout with my trusty sidekick(s). It was so much fun and felt so good to actually get my heart pumping for the first time in forever... I was sure this would become a regular thing.

Once the days were pushing 30 plus degrees celsius the whole idea kind of fell flat truthfully, however given things are really cooling off, we're hoping to get our butts in gear a little more consistently and to actually put out some full mommy and mini (express... always express because who's got the time???) workouts.

Anyways, I'll keep the ramble short today but we sure hope you enjoy this little diddy!

As always, thanks for being!

b, f, and j

Monday, 18 August 2014

monday mommi mantra // you can only do...

It was a week ago Saturday that we returned to the west from our east coast adventures... We hadn't been home more than a half hour when hubby opened the pantry door and said "Something exploded in here... like really exploded..."

It took me a moment to register what he was saying. When I had, I envisioned of a bag of flour or sugar has busted open after a fall of a shelf.

Hubby has shut the door and is doing something else. Several minutes later,  I open it.

The floor, completely covered in at least a half inch deep pool of something dark and sticky. The walls and pretty much every item in the jam packed space, coated in the same stuff. The shelves themselves, could have nothing ever fall off them now, as everything is glued down by the sweet and syrupy substance, having dripped down the underside edges of each one, as well as the back wall. 

Truly a sight to behold. Not surprisingly I did not feel inspired to take a picture in the moment. I do my best to leave the house pretty neat and tidy so that I only have the unpacking to deal with after a trip. This was not exactly what I had expected to have to deal with after a long day of travel. 

Regardless. I had no choice. I could leave it or clean it. Considering we were in need of at least a few staple groceries, and that it sure wasn't going to go away on it's own, I needed to take care of business. Hubby scooted the kiddos off out of the way and I began the task of cleaning up the biggest mess I've had to in this mommi life so far. 

Clearly it was a bit ironic how it had nothing to do with my kiddos.

There was no way to tackle it but with slow methodic patience. Our best guess had been that it was balsamic vinegar. We were right. On the top shelf was an bone dry costco sized bottle with one side completely blown out.

I peeled items off the shelves, cleaning them as best I could, scrubbing the sticky surfaces and noting how I would definitely not forget this any time soon as I'd be finding remnants for (probably) ever. I was forced to make a plan and despite the arduous (in the jet lagged exhausted moments) task before me, I had to get it done and taking my time was the only option if I were to do a thorough job. I had to be patient, accepting of the current situation and work hard, even though it was probably the last thing I wanted to do.

As I worked, I imagined the moment of impact. Despite the fact that the bottle was exactly where it had been left, it was pretty clear there was a definitive force behind the expulsion of the contents. 

Now that it's all behind me, I really wish I had taken a picture:)

All the while I soaked, scraped and scrubbed, I searched for the message. Not much happens these days that I don't find some type of lesson in. I really believe that's the way it's suppose to be so that's the way I roll. Maybe it's not for everyone, at least to the degree it has seemed to filter into my personal everyday. All I know is that this process fosters growth and gratitude and gratitude makes everything so much better.  Simply put, once I started, it got kind of hard to stop :) 

The message was there, but a little foggy. Upon the return from any "vacation" I'm always expecting big things from myself. Sure vacation is meant to refresh and rejuvenate, so I suppose that is my reasoning to this end. That said, anyone who vacations with small children knows that while getting away for a while, (especially to visit with and have the assistance of, the extremely helping and giving family we are so blessed to have), is so very wonderful in itself, it's not entirely unusual to still feel pretty bagged and appreciative of falling into one's own bed, upon returning home. 

As much as I had been feeling optimistic and excited about some of the projects I was getting back to, I knew from experience that having high expectations of myself wasn't really fair. I could sense this was to help reinforce and support this sentiment... I was getting the point here... but my brain couldn't quite put it into words...

A couple of hours and a grocery break later, it was (almost) as if nothing but a serious tidy session had happened and interestingly, I was feeling a great sense of accomplishment. About the fact that it was finished (clearly), but also regarding how I had handled the situation in general. I noticed how both my internal and external reactions would have been very different in the past. At no point had I felt overwhelmed or particularly frustrated, despite the fact that I was exhausted and this was the last thing that I wanted to tackle at that time...

... and this was something, I found myself feeling pretty darn good about:)

Our darlin Jessy girl had spent the two weeks we were away with our dear friend Lois. We knew she had been having a great time but were anxious to see her, so once things were situated I headed out to pick her up. Sitting down for a short visit with Lois and her friend I told them the story. I commented how I had been searching for the lesson in it all... that I knew it was there but even as I told the story I still couldn't quite articulate it.

Mucho love light and gratitude to my dear friend as she put it perfectly...

THAT WAS EXACTLY IT. We know we are amazing multitaskers, as not only mother's, but as women in general. It's in our DNA. How often I find myself trying to make dinner, unload the dishwasher, amuse or feed children, change a bum, return a phone call, change over the laundry, write a blog post, research a topic, edit photographs,.. anything and everything, expecting to be able to get it all done and somehow do it mindfully??? 

Nope, not so much. 

I'm doing my best these days... to take on one task at a time as much as possible... and wouldn't you know it...

I'm feeling like I'm getting more done. 

Just saying. You know, in case you were interested in trying this for yourself if applicable :)

Oh and also in case you tend to store you balsamic vinegar in a place that could possibly become very warm (like a pantry with no a/c while you are away on vacation during a heat wave), causing it to ferment and expand and explode. According to hubby who discovered this information on google post incident, we are not the first people this has happened to and though it's unlikely we will be the last, perhaps if nothing else, this post will save you the shock of such a discovery...

... but then again, maybe you'd discover your own lesson in it now wouldn't you ??? ;)

Have an similar experience you'd like to share?? We'd love to hear it!

No giant food messes required ;)  

Hope you're having a beautiful day, wherever you are!